Tuesday, September 11, 2007

and down the hill we go

as all of you are aware of, the hubby and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. counting from the beggining, we have been together for FIVE years. as i hear the hubby talking to his and my family yesterday, i believe his direct quote was "Five years na kaming naglolokohan".

to reminise, we've spent all our anniversaries doing something out of our ordinary routine...

in year 1it was a limo ride & boat cruise dinner
in year 2 it was a four day edmonton trip
in year 3 we celebrated with a wedding in the phillippines prior to our "official date"
in year 4 we spent four hours at the spa and went for dinner with friends

now let's get to year 5.

year 5 started with no plans except for a promise made by the hubby some weeks ago to send me a huge and wonderful boquet of flowers at work. the clock ticks 9... 10.... 11..... 12...... and no flowers arrive. ok, i thought, it'll be here later. so i went ahead and grabbed some lunch and proceeded to read my horoscope for the day. lo and behold, what did it say?

"prepare for some dissappointments with a man due to a broken promise"

uhmmm --- yeah. by that point, i decided to email the hubby and ask if he even got me flowers. his answer was no. oh, and i forgot... there was no "happy anniversary" greeting or kiss from him at all that morning when he dropped me off at work! all that i received was a "hapi anniv" email once he got to work.

i shouldn't really make him look this bad considering the night before our anniversary, we got into a spiff due to (a) he made me look bad in front of his brother and (b) i deleted all of his porn collection (trust me, this is an entirely different blog for the future).

ok, with all this said and done, we decided to hit the theatres and watch Stardust (my choice) and go for dinner at Richmond Sushi (my choice as well). we had a nice and quiet anniversary doing something inappropriately common based on our previous track record.

to top off my annoyance at our 5th year celebration... did i mention there was ABSOLUTELY NO SEX LAST NIGHT?

and down the hill we go...