Wednesday, August 13, 2008

frustrations in pregnancy

seriously, how many more needles will be poking me until this baby is out of me???


i've been poked and prodded twice already... and there's a chance of one more!


Monday, August 11, 2008



Baby’s first movements felt by the mom, usually between 18 and 22 weeks gestation. Sometimes described as “flutterings” or “butterflies.”

if this happens between the 18th to 22nd week of gestation, why is it that for the past 4 nights when i go to bed and lay partially on my tummy, i feel this happening???

kady says it might be gas... i seriously doubt it as i don't normally feel anything happening in my tummy unless i'm starving and it's growling.

*sigh* baby get big already! i want to feel your kicks (even if you keep me awake all night and jab me on the ribs).

Monday, August 4, 2008

on turning 25

prior to finding out about being pregnant, i was planning on a big 25th birthday bash for myself. i wanted lots of people, lots of food and better yet, lots of drinks. i wanted to welcome my big 2-5 with wide open arms and a party that i will never forget.

least to say, that is not what happened.

oh, don't get me wrong. i got myself the lots of people... in the few select friends i have learned to cherish. i also got myself lots of food in my most favorite spot of all. but due to the baby shrimp coming along, the drinking had to be stalled... but i do have to say that i was not as upset as i thought i would be when i couldn't have a sip of that seethroughgrassskirt i have been craving for in so many months.

towards the end of the night, with the oohing and aahing over the presents given to me, the hubby decided to surprise me with a tiffany necklace that i have been looking at, but never really asked for (i was really asking him for a new camera with the thoughts of this baby arriving next year). it was the most thoughtful thing he had ever given me in the past six years of our relationship considering that he never really puts much thought into what he will get me.

the necklace is beautiful, but incomparable to this gift that we have been blessed with. because no material thing will ever mean as much as this gift that i am carrying for the both of us.

happy birthday to me, then. after all that, this really is the most memorable birthday i will ever have.