Sunday, August 26, 2007

on friendship

over the years, i've been finding myself too picky when it comes to choosing and keeping friends. don't get me wrong, i can label a lot as friends and even more as acquaintances but i've been nipped in the butt for far too often when it comes to those i've deemed myself closest to. i think my heart learned to stop letting people in far too close just in case.

sometimes i wonder who my truest friends are. to be honest, i can count them in one hand. those are the ones who, though they are not there, have always had front row seats to the so called drama of my life. i don't need to see them often, talk to them daily or even have the urge to spill my beans to them at all times. i know it's cliche but they're the friends i can sit with and have quiet moments with and they will be able to understand what thoughts are occupying my head.

i also wonder at times if i'm just becoming old and judgemental. or if my attitude towards friendship just shifted all together after my marriage. i didn't have the constant need to be surrounded by people anymore... not when i had someone who i can converse and argue with without having that dread that i have said the wrong thing. i always think about how lucky i am that my hubby is someone who i can talk to like i would one of my girls.

so i guess this is for those whom i lovingly call not only my friends, but sisters as well. different people who comes from different walks and different phases of my life but nevertheless, has the same impact to me. my twin tower, my diva singing sister, my confidante, my alter-ego and my pooh-pooh.

i'm being all sentimental. i just miss you all too damn much right now.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

you raise me up

let me just say how great josh groban is at performing live. i never expected last night's concert to give me true appreciation of hi mas a singer, musician and performer. i am still riding the crescent high he lifted me up on after he sang "you raise me up". brings tears to my eyes every time i hear that song and to finally hear him perform it live was all so much more better.

[insert] the hubby loved him. absolutely loved him. even mentioned how they sound alike when singing and proceeded to give me his best 'josh groban' impersonation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lies of handsome men

you know that one song that you fall in love with once... and again... and all over again? the kind of song that calls to you and the kind of song that no matter how old it is, you just will never forget it?

a few years back, i chanced upon that song that has become an all time favourite of mine. these past few weeks, i found myself humming the tune in my head and finally gave into the urge to download the music from limewire. least to say, the version of this song i loved so much was by a local canadian artist and never really did hit the mainstream.

now i find myself digging around the net looking for a cd.

needless to say, i thought i'd share with you the lyrics of this beautiful piece of music... and hopefully, i'll be able to post the actual song here sometime!


I believe in starsigns, I believe in film romances
I believe in fantasy, And I believe with just one glance he's crazy for my eyes
And I believe the lies of handsome men

I believe in witchcraft and I believe in Cinderella
I believe in gypsies and I believe I cast a spell that sends him to the skies
And I believe the lies of handsome men

Somewhere in the corner of my mind
I'm not a fool completely blind
But even though he's hooked me on his lies
I find the pleasure's been mine

I believe in love songs, they seem to know just what I'm feeling
I believe prince charming, I never guessed he's double dealing
How my spirits rise believing in the lies of handsome the men

Sometimes in a dark and quiet place
The truth and I meet face to face
And even if his highness disappears
I'll keep some stunning souvenirs

So I believe in heroes and I expect that happy ending
Wishing on some rainbow, I'll pretend he's not pretending
Someday I'll get wise, b
ut right now, need the lies....
Of handsome men

-Lies of Handsome Men
version by Glennis Houston

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my 24th soiree in a blink

harrison hot springs
august 3 & 4 2007

white water rafting @ squamish
august 5, 2007

+ limo bikes & racing
+ arwen's non-stop trying to hit the right or left signal (when there is none available)
+ learning how to play poker
+ 15 and more shots of hypnotiq (plus the remainder of the bottle
+ 3 and more shots of disaronio
+ never been this drunk before: trying to rape the hubby in front of my friends
+ chas and her red spots
+ chas and her bodies' way of saying 'no' to alchohol
+ leah hiding behind the curtains
+ arwen yelling "umalis ka diyaan, umalis ka diyaan!"
+ kady's face everytime he takes a shot
+ "ms. bartender, tagay! tagay! tagay!"
+ thinking i have the upper hand in the poker game and betting so much money only to realize that i read my cards wrong! (chas, i still blame you for this!)
+ the farting war between jay and kady
+ leah's little "tong-ting" itching (actually, all the rest of us as well!)
+ arwen and her "next top model" poses (especially by the window)
+ bugging arwen for a ciggy, only to turn it down when she finally said yes
+ leah and her non-stop bathroom runs
+ boating.... next time we need a tube!
+ non-stop photowhoring sessions
+ elaine = ms. tagay
+ chas = ms. suka
+ leah = ms. banyo queen
+ arwen = ms. tama na
+ benji = mr. sige pa
+ kady = prut 1
+ jay = prut 2
+ river rafting with benji, arwen, the hubby & my bro
+ swimming in the freezing river
+ arwen, benji & kady jumping off the raft
+ we can't lift kady up!
+ hearing benji and kady scream like girls on the water
+ all the water fights!

guys, if i forget anything, feel free to add it to the comments list and i shall add it on here.... i can only hope that my 25th next year will be as great as this one!!!

i miss harrison and squamish already!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

wandering eyes

as the hubby and i did some grocery shopping the other day, my eye suddenly fell upon a man who was, in the most charming of ways, quite the eye candy. needless to say, i oogled him like crazy, slowly running a long-playing strip tease of him and his gorgeous bod in my head.

as i was trying to be non-chalant about this daydream of mine (and boy was i needing to fan myself), i saw the hubby staring at me with an odd look.

damn. i knew it. i was caught with a wandering eye.

i smiled at the hubby who asked me what i was thinking. we've always been openly honest about our attraction to good looking men and women but he's never really seen me quite so.... to put it mildly, aroused... at the mere sighting of a fine looking specimen. so i gushed to him, like i would one of my girlfriends, about how gorgeous i thought this boy was. he laughed and commented that the only reason i was attracted to the man was because of how 'madungis' he looked in comparison to him who is always so fresh and put-together.

i asked him if he was at all jealous of my wandering eye. he said no!
i asked him if he was at all jealous of my dirty thoughts. he said no!
i asked him if he was at all jealous that i'm dreaming of another man. he said no!

based on those answers, the hubby received some hanky panky when we got home.

then with a smug grin on his face, he pointed out that this is exactly the reason why he's not the jealous type... 'coz he gets to take me home at night.

*sigh* sometimes, that boy can be romantic in a roundabout way.