Wednesday, May 26, 2010


everytime the little man screams POP-PA!, we've learned that it is not to get his dad's attention, but because he sees popcorn going in the microwave.

yes... the little man has learned to love his pop-corn!

here he is over the weekend enjoying a massive bowl of popcorn at the children's festival.

i'm off to share a bag of popcorn with my two boys!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

for my memories' sake

these days, the only quiet time i get is when the little man is down for his naps. not that i'm complaining --- he is at his most active now, fully walking and babbling along --- having conversations on the phone, chit-chatting with his lolo and lola (grandpa and grandma) on skype even though they live about 15 minutes away from us.

the little bhubba has been talking so much that i have to write this blog just so i can go back to it years from now and remember this with a smile. here are his first words (bear with this proud mom, will ya?):

tut - copying the sound the phone makes when dialing
tutbrush - for his toothbrush
bus/truck - complete with screams when he sees them
caaaahhhhrrrr - trying to scare us when he says the simple car
cat - he calls even dogs a cat!
bu-bles - when he sees his play bubbles
balllll - emphasizing the 'l'
tootle - for the turtles he sees at the aquarium
pish - for fish (so typically filipino switching the p for f)
saack - for socks
shu - for shoes
cheese/juice - always looking for food
didi - for milk
bibi - when seeing other babies
mmmmm - for whenever he first tastes something

yesterday, i took a really good look at him --- a long good look. and i wonder, where has time flown? is he REALLY turning 16 months old this 30th?!?

i seriously wish that the clock can just slow down a little, give me more chances to be able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime age.

Monday, May 17, 2010

backtrack... to the EAGLES

growing up, i can never recall a moment when there was no music playing in our house. if the stereo was not turned on, it was my dad playing his guitar or my aunt singing some favourite song.

i grew up with music and learned to appreciate not only what is new, what is old, but also, what is older (yes, you can take me to as far as billy holiday or ella fitzgerald and i will happily burst into songs).

last monday, i was fortunate enough to snag two tickets to the Eagles concert that was held in Vancouver. who else can i take with me but my dad? we had an AWESOME time at the concert. HIS LOVE for music is what brought on MY LOVE for music --- and i am so very lucky to grow up listening to the music of his generation.

box suite tickets
here's my dad being a very typical asian with the eagles stage set-up as the backdrop.

the Eagles in concert!

we truly had a blast!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

for the lack of update...

it has been a very strained and stressful week here in our little household. actually --- make that two weeks. there were so many things that needed taking care of and to top it off, the little man has gotten sick... YET AGAIN.

i've decided to take a short haitus from the blogging world but am now coming back in full speed. i've missed blogging so much --- but my family needed me much more than the internet and family comes first.

i have to also apologize to my swap partners as i am LATE, LATE AND LATE in sending out your lovely parcels! i will be doing all the sending tomorrow after i put all the finishing touches. i promise those little packages of yours will be in your inboxes in no time at all.

and to those who i have missed emailing in the last little while --- or commenting to, i'll be back hounding your pages!

i have missed all you darlings and can't wait to get back in the loop of things!