Monday, September 19, 2011


my hubby is the last person in this world
who will ever pick up flowers of any sort
on any occasion that may arise.

he is a great believer that although beautiful
flowers are a total waste of a good dollar.

i kid you not when i say that in 9 years together
(and it's coming up this 22nd!!!)
he has only ever given me flowers about five times.

so imagine my surprise when i got these on the 10th!
(our actual wedding date).

the little man with daddys' goodies

flowers and tofu bubble tea --- i was on an anniversary high!

note to hubby:
thank you for finally listening to my "concerns"
you do have some sort of romantic streak after all
i just have to pull those ears of yours from time to time

Thursday, September 15, 2011

celebrating six years...

in celebration of our 6 year wedding anniversary
the hubby and i took the kiddies out for some family time.
it was a beautiful vancouver summer weather
that greeted us.

(just a quick note that this post is photo heavy...
and you can also click on the photos to enlarge)

we started the morning off by packing the kids in our car
and heading to tim hortons drive through for some breakfast
timbits for the little man
coffee, b.e.l.t. & bagel with cream cheese for the adults

our next stop was toys r us
just because we felt like picking up some small trinkets
for both the boys

dylan wanted to get on one of the rides
and asked us if he can share it with kaelan
so of course we gave him his baby brother to ride along!

our next and final stop was granville island
this must be one of my favorite places to visit in the city
as you can never really run out of things to do or see

the hubby was not very happy though when we arrived
the first thing that happened to him after leaving the car
was get splattered by bird goop

yes, you got that right.
disgusting bird goop that got on his glasses
slipped on his cheeks
and hit the littlest man right on his head!

supposedly, it is lucky though.
we've been told plenty of times to buy a lottery ticket.
(and we did --- and no such luck, unfortunately)

we stopped at the public market for lunch
the little man wanted pizza so we obliged
and because the hubby is going strong on his lifestyle change (aka. diet)
we stopped at siegel's to grab some of their yummy goodness!
we both had the Lox and Cream Cheese
(wild sockeye salmon, cream cheese, red onions & capers)
it was super delicous!!!

the little man was so enthralled with the boats around
and kept yelling at the top of his lungs that he wanted to ride one
that we obliged and got ourselves on a mini-tour
aboard the aquabus 

when we got back at the island
we spent the afternoon lazing around
checking out some of the galleries
doing a bit of window shopping
chasing after the birds
and drooling over some sweets at the market

our last and most important stop
was a quick detour over at the gelato cafe
to pick up some creamy and decadent sweets
as a perfect punctuation mark to end our day

we had a marvelous time exploring a small part of our beautiful city!
it's even more marvelous that we've shared six years together
and now have two wonderful kids to celebrate our anniversaries with.
i think this will definitely be a tradition
for us to spend our anniversaries with the boys
and not just for ourselves.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary!

six wonderful years ago
i had a chance to go back home to manila
and built wonderful lifetime memories 
by saying 'i do' to the boy i fell in love with
three years prior to that

Happy 6th year anniversary ---
to my partner in crime
whom without, i would not have
two of the most gorgeous & sweetest little boys.

after all these years
it's still you that makes my heart skip its beats
and put butterflies in my tummy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the dusty bookshelf: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

what dusty bookshelf is complete
without a copy of Eric Carle's famous book?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
is on my toddler's list of must read on a daily basis.

and with pages looking like this...

what parent and child would not love the book?
it promotes learning and counting on it's lovely hard pages.

i, for one, am a BIG FAN of Mr. Carle.
a few of his books are sitting quite nicely on our dusty bookshelf
waiting to be pulled out by the little and littlest man.

Friday, September 2, 2011

gaga over paper

two weeks ago i posted that i am burried
in some paper goodness.

i was.
i was very busy working on items
for my baby boy's dedication (baptism).
and since we were hosting the reception at our humble abode
i decided to doll it up a bit with some paper goodness.

click for larger image

since our theme was yellow and lime green
i grabbed some pretty scrapbook paper and got going on the work.

i made flower pompoms to hang over the food.
paper buntings were strewn both inside and outside of our home.
little cupcake toppers were made.
i repackaged some honeycomb cereals (which was a BIG HIT for the kids!)
made my own magnets with the little man's photo
and created it's own pesonalized case 
with a "PK" in front (for Phoenix Kaelan).

it was a very busy few weeks for me
trying to put everything all together.
in the end, it all worked out perfectly!