Thursday, December 31, 2009

a look back...

2009 greeted me the greatest joy I could ever have asked for.

In the upcoming new year and years to come, I have no other resolution but to be the best mom I can be to my little boy. To be more loving, caring and understanding so that I am able to raise him with the same values instilled in me as a child.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY posting

The hubby celebrated his __(undisclosed)__ birthday last 29th.

Because the holidays took its toll on us, we were unable to do anything special for his day. I even feel horrendous because his present has not arrived (darn the postal service for this!).

Nontheless, we ended up celebrating his birthday one day late with a quick stop at Best Buy to grab a few PS3 games and some All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ Dinner (yyyuuummmm!!!).

Enjoying a selection of spicy kimchi

My two loves (the little one wasn't being co-operative on this photo)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUBBY (the half of my favourite men duo)!!! Though this posting is a tad late, it still has all the love and well wishes that it would have had if I posted it on your actual birthday.


his very first christmas

It is a beautiful sight to behold when you see your child's eye glitter with a smile and laughter when he opens his gifts for Christmas.

This being my little man's first holiday is no exception at all. He was a joy to behold and we were so proud of him for staying up late at ALL the parties we've attended (that's 3 in two days). He was also such a trooper for being up at midnight on Christmas eve... this being a tradition that we open presents come 12pm.

We thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts... my house is currently a miniature version of Babies "R" Us but nontheless, we treasure each and everyone of the toys and clothes given for my son's very first Christmas.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gift of Love

This Christmas, I received three of the most precious gifts I could ever have asked for.

Though my little man has been bubbling "mamamama" these last few weeks, it was on Christmas eve when he fully looked me in the eye and said "MAMA". This is by far, the most rewarding present I have ever received and for it to be as simple as being acknowledged as a mom brings tears to my eyes. I think I can say that I am definitely doing something right.

Also on Christmas eve, on the way to my parents house, the hubby surprised me with this beautiful bracelet. The idea behind the Pandora Charms is that instead of collecting ordinary dangling charms, these ones are slipped and screwed onto the bracelet itself. There is a massive collection of charms and to start with, he gave me a little boy to represent our son, a pig for the year I was born and a gorgeous green glass bead just because green is one of my most favourite colours.

Since I can remember, I have been pining for a digital SLR (I own a film version) and after much contemplation, the hubby and I decided that the Nikon D3000 would be the perfect choice for us. Albeit a bit late, I was still very much surprised to receive this (I was not expecting one until my next birthday!).

I can say that I have been thoroughly spoiled this Christmas. But even after all these beautiful gifts, I am still ever so thankful that I have the two of the truest and most precious gifts I can ever ask for because these boys of mine are what my heart truly desires.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Santa

I am very lucky to be friends with the bunch I'd like to call "Ninongs & Ninangs" (godfathers & godmothers) as they are exactly that to my little man.

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas a little early with a pot-luck of yummy home made food and the exchange of our Secret Santa.

It was tons of fun (as per usual) and I am still baffled with the way our exchange gift worked. What are the odds that we would have all picked our respective secret santa?!?!

Either ways, I am wishing this bunch a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I can't wait for our next get-together!

Here's the little man in front of his loot. He of course had a lot more fun with tearing the wrappers and trying to stuff them in his mouth. (Thank you for all his presents!!!)

Ninang Leah & Ninong Jay, our respective affianced couple ready to tie the knot next year!

Ninang Sherry & Ninong Aaron, the most punctual couple I have ever met.

Here's the hubby and Ninong Benjie. I'd be scared if they were a couple but they were opening their presents together as they both had the same gift!

Myself and the little man enjoying my 3 boxes worth of gifts from Secret Santa Sherry!

My wonderful BFF, Ninang Arwen, and our hostess for the evening (and most likely the next few evenings of our get-togethers!).

little blue booties

In the four years that the hubby and I have been married, this is the first Christmas Holiday that we are celebrating where we actually have a tree up! It was exciting to decorate it for our little man's very first Christmas. Along with our new tree was a little trinket that we have picked up... the bhubba's very first ornament.

Traditions are such wonderful things to instill in children and this is one tradition that I am very much looking forward to in the years to come.

Monday, December 14, 2009

and the powder starts to fall

The begginings of a White Christmas is finally falling from the sky. I was so thrilled to see the snow arrive as I was hoping that my little man's first Christmas is complete with white powder on the ground. Mother nature seems to be cooperating with one of my wishes.

I love winter --- it's my favourite season of all.

P.S. Wish I can credit the photo above as mine --- it isn't. Wish I can credit the right person but I just grabbed it off google. Don't you love it though? I do. It epitomizes my exact feeling for the winter season.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

California 2009

Three days after we got back from our Vegas trip, we booked a last-minute flight to San Francisco at the insistance of my hubby. He wanted us to spend some time with his family down south so that they can also meet our little man.

Least to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. It was more of a relaxing trip as we did not bother doing much sightseeing but I had lots of fun getting to know the hubby's aunt and uncle and we also were able to visit our little man's great-grandpa. He's 86 years old and still very young at heart.

Here's some of my favourite photos from this trip:

Enjoying some creamy Baskin Robbins ice cream.

Checking out some of the famed Hollywood stars.

Four generations of the Reyes Clan.

Head on over
here for more photos!

Vegas 2009

Our end of November trip to Vegas was a whole load of fun and work put together. This is our first time travelling with a baby so you can just imagine the bulk of things we brought. From excess diapers, extra bottles to sterilizers and the amount of clothes I packed, we definitely had to check in a massive luggage along with our carry-ons.

The good part of the trip is that we were able to travel with my parents as well as the hubby's mom. They were all such great help in carrying a few things at the airport. Luckily, the little man was also the most well-behaved little boy you can ever ask for when travelling. No fussing, crying or tantrums though he was flying with a cold. I was very thankful.

Because this is the hubby & I's 2nd trip to Vegas, my usual photowhoring session was cut down. I found that I was more interested in making sure that my little one was occupied rather than pull out my camera at every turn. So for this trip, I took 90% less pictures than I would normally do.

If there was anything I would suggest for those of you making a trip to Vegas, don't miss out on the Buffet at the Wynn. The moolah you pay for is worth the price of their amazing food!

Enjoy some of the pics I have posted up
here :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the tale of...

When I was younger, my mom came home from a Chicago Trip and brought home one of my most favourite children's classics... The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I distinctly remember opening a bag from FAO Schwarz and screaming in delight to find a new book for me to read.

Fast forward to today --- coming back from a trip from Vegas, I picked up a copy of said book along with a plush toy of Peter for my little man. And where else would I go to get it? To FAO Schwarz, of course! I was so excited to find both book and toy because I loved Peter as a child and a I know that my son will have the same appreciation for him.