Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Santa

I am very lucky to be friends with the bunch I'd like to call "Ninongs & Ninangs" (godfathers & godmothers) as they are exactly that to my little man.

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas a little early with a pot-luck of yummy home made food and the exchange of our Secret Santa.

It was tons of fun (as per usual) and I am still baffled with the way our exchange gift worked. What are the odds that we would have all picked our respective secret santa?!?!

Either ways, I am wishing this bunch a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I can't wait for our next get-together!

Here's the little man in front of his loot. He of course had a lot more fun with tearing the wrappers and trying to stuff them in his mouth. (Thank you for all his presents!!!)

Ninang Leah & Ninong Jay, our respective affianced couple ready to tie the knot next year!

Ninang Sherry & Ninong Aaron, the most punctual couple I have ever met.

Here's the hubby and Ninong Benjie. I'd be scared if they were a couple but they were opening their presents together as they both had the same gift!

Myself and the little man enjoying my 3 boxes worth of gifts from Secret Santa Sherry!

My wonderful BFF, Ninang Arwen, and our hostess for the evening (and most likely the next few evenings of our get-togethers!).

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