Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vegas 2009

Our end of November trip to Vegas was a whole load of fun and work put together. This is our first time travelling with a baby so you can just imagine the bulk of things we brought. From excess diapers, extra bottles to sterilizers and the amount of clothes I packed, we definitely had to check in a massive luggage along with our carry-ons.

The good part of the trip is that we were able to travel with my parents as well as the hubby's mom. They were all such great help in carrying a few things at the airport. Luckily, the little man was also the most well-behaved little boy you can ever ask for when travelling. No fussing, crying or tantrums though he was flying with a cold. I was very thankful.

Because this is the hubby & I's 2nd trip to Vegas, my usual photowhoring session was cut down. I found that I was more interested in making sure that my little one was occupied rather than pull out my camera at every turn. So for this trip, I took 90% less pictures than I would normally do.

If there was anything I would suggest for those of you making a trip to Vegas, don't miss out on the Buffet at the Wynn. The moolah you pay for is worth the price of their amazing food!

Enjoy some of the pics I have posted up
here :)

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