Thursday, March 20, 2008

hick! to the e

so the whole family was gathered around the dinner table chit-chatting after dinner when my mom stood up to clear clear her dish. she was standing right across from my brother when *this* conversation started ---

mama: *gasps* david! is THAT a hickey?
david: *looks sheepish, grins, and suddenly smiles brightly*
kady & elaine: *looks at his neck with wide eyes*
mama: OMG! it IS a hickey! DAVID! papa, come here! look at david's hickey!
david: i guess there's no point hiding it anymore, i'll take my jacket off now.
papa: *comes over & looks*
david: this is really nothing compared to what i have given her
mama: ha! you should've seen the one your papa used to give me!
me: ewwww mom, we didn't want to know that!

... and so goes the conversation

x.s. now i wonder WHO the gf is?!?