Sunday, January 1, 2012

starting 365...

i have always wanted to start Project 365.
i must have tried once and given up after missing a photo or two here and there.

because i have so many friends on facebook getting into it,
i thought... why not?
i can always get into the spirit of things and hopefully (crossing fingers)....
hopefully this time, it will be one of those projects that i do finish.

so welcome to Mrs. Reyes' 365 days of photos.
please click the photo below... or the vintage camera photo on the top right hand
to take you to my photo-a-day-site.

on another note
i hope everyone had an AMAZING New Year's Eve celebration.
i will get to updating on that as soon as humanly possible!

i hope 2012 brings you blessings, love and prosperity!
i know i'm thanking God for all the goodness he has given my family
this last year and also thanking him for all that he will bring forth.