Sunday, December 28, 2008

white christmas

1998 was the last year vancouver had a white christmas.  it is a beautiful site to behold when you look out at christmas morn and you see nothing but white outside.  i've always been very thankful that my parents have decided to uproot us to canada or we never would've had the chance to experience so many other aspects of life that needless to say, we never would have come across if we stayed in manila.

as i sit with a mug of hot chocolate looking out my parents window at the white scene in front of me and the silver and gold of the tree ornaments glittering in the corner of my eye, i ponder the life i would've led if we called manila home still. 

would i be married now?  on the family way?  working a secured job?  happy with my life?  would i have two dogs and two cars?  would i have the great friends i have today?  then i realize, that Christmas is not a time for pondering these things but a time to be thankful for all that i have. 

and i have so much to be thankful for.  so much more than i can even possibly think of.
so i bow my head and closed my eyes in a silent prayer of thanks to Him who has blessed me with so much.

and on a side note...
Wishing all of you and your families the Merriest of Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

quack, quack

i have just entered my 34th week of pregnancy today and i am suddenly feeling overly huge and heavy.  the baby is now taking it's toll on me as i am constantly feeling the aches and pains that mommyhood is bringing forth.  seriously, i do not mind the huge and heavy part.   what i do mind is the part where i am now, thanks to a dropping baby, waddling like a duck.

my apologies for those reading this who thinks that i am giving too much info but my lower groin feels like it's being stretched slowly.  my pelvic area is sore and everytime i get up to walk, i have this constant need to take both my hands and put it under my tummy to support a baby who feels like he's going to fall out anytime soon.

i am on a constant decline now.  i just hope i don't start making the "quack, quack" sounds as i walk the hallways here at work.

all over again

i have always been an avid blogger but found myself wavering after the novelty of starting a blog wears off.  i was a xanga alumni for three years when my loyalty faltered, curiosity took over and i switched to a different blog (which, i have to say, i am seriously dissappointed with).

nontheless, i am back and willing to give this a third (or is a fourth?) time and hopefully, this time around, i am able to pursue my love of writing without having any time constraints or the dash of laziness attack me.

so here i go again, starting anew.  wish me luck!