Thursday, December 27, 2007

and we're back to it...

i'm at work right now yet i don't feel like working.


can you tell just how bored i am?

on a low note

if there is one thing that turns me off more than anything else, it's dishonesty. so please try and stop as sooner or later, i find out things that you don't want me knowing in the first place. which of course, causes me more grief because i know i've been lied to or as you would most likey say "lied to by process of ommission" .... which will lead me to the conclusion that you must think that i'm stupid or an idiot and will proceed to make me rethink what you are doing in my life in the first place.

so do me a favour, better yet, do yourself a favour and just come straight out with what you have to say rather than slipping in the later days... and trust me, you've been caught a few dozen times already.


on a better note, i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you didn't stuff yourselves with too much turkey and mashed potatoes.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

blue flame

i seem to have taken an averse dislike for tequila. on friday night's get-together, i was uber happy that Jose was there to keep the party going but on my first shot, i just couldn't seem to down him at all.

i feel exactly like leah does, outrageously nauseous at the smell of the alcohol in it.

now i wonder, how the hell am i going to drink next friday night?!?

Friday, December 21, 2007

junk in a box

yesterday, in the process of looking for a box of pajamas somewhere in our storage, i stumbled upon another box which i have not seen for a long time. i was hooting and screaming with laughter when the curious husband decided to see what i was doing and came in the bedroom and saw that i have filled half of our bed with what he called "junk".

this "junk" is probably one of my most treasured possessions. four diaries that date back to as far as 1994. notes & letters from my elementary and high school days. cards from my family who constantly wrote to me when i left manila. a birthday card my dad sent the year he was away in Saudi Arabia. a scrapbook filled with photos. an old "autograph" book. memories upon memories upon memories worth of "junk".

it seems that almost half of my life was laying quietly in that box, waiting for it to be opened and walked through. i cannot believe how many memories stumbled in my mind upon slowly going through the contents. and because i feel like reminiscing ---

- my first kiss with harold on our "wedding day"
- justine & i and our drama in grade six... not being in the same class is tough and a little "heart-to-heart" was needed to clear up some air
- crushing on stephen g. & that "almost" kiss we shared when my silly brother interrupted
- there was the randy, nino, henry, riel, chris, ivan & jason phase
- the drama with the 'ex' best friends

and so on... and so forth...

with the upcoming new year, it's kind of nice to be able to go and backtrack through my life and see how much i've grown up. from the days of "dear diary" to "hey journal" to "aloha xangans" and now to my "blogger readers", i see that i'm still trying to ensure that my life is stamped and solidified through all these memories.

the question now is, DO YOU?

Monday, December 17, 2007

he's "NOT" drunk

on saturday night, BPI held it's christmas party at the sutton place hotel where there was great live music, good food & even better desserts, and an open bar. as the hubby and i did not bother checking into the hotel for the night, i decided that for the first time, i will be the designated driver & let the hubby enjoy his night with his new-found best friend, mike.

after a few shots of baccardi & JD, the hubby was feeling more "happy" than usual. by the end of the night, i lost count after 12 shots and he still kept on. when it was mentioned to him that he was drunk, his infamous reply was "I'm not drunk, i'm just funny".

*sigh* --- i've never seen him THIS bad. and to think i had to lug him all the way home.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


i am in pain.

the kind the is brought on by a sore throat, sniffles, an incoming ear infection and sinus migraines.

someone, please just shoot me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


you may travel the world, change your image, dress to the nines, make new friends and consider yourself as ms. independent... but really, who are you without the one thing you have sought after for so long?

after all this time, no matter how many facades you try to put on, i still see the lonely girl inside begging for someone to love her.

i pity you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


i didn't realize until tonight that for the past three weeks, i have been depriving myself the company of my friends. fool that i am, i have been overly focused on work and nothing but that i've forgotten how to have a life. i haven't even bothered placing a call or two to those i deemed myself closest to.

so for tonight, i have to thank A&G for finding a way around my 'no' to come and see me. you ladies were my breathe of fresh air.

Monday, November 12, 2007


she was the one i gladly called my best gal pal. the one who i haven't spoken to and thought about in more than two years. yet as i was browsing an old blog i kept, tears were slowly poooling in my eyes as one memory after another reminded me of the years we've spent together.

she was my photowhore sister, my c.o.c. buddy, my spontaniety-lover of a best friend.

gosh. i never thought i'd miss her this much that it would hurt.

so for now, please indulge me as i try to let the pain i haven't felt for more than a year take over.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


i was strolling down burrard street bundled up in my coat and scarf and holding a steaming cup of grande caramel machiatto when it finally struck me today just how much i miss downtown vancouver. the smell of rain tickled my nose as i stop at the corner of robson and stood for a few minutes to watch the rushed footsteps of business men and women trying to beat the afternoon rush.

it's been a long time since i've last stepped foot in downtown. now all i want is to become part of it again.

Friday, October 26, 2007

it's a monogamous marriage except...

i once had a conversation with the hubby that went along the lines of how truly faithful and loyal we are to each other. the topic was brought about when in the midst of watching one of my korean flicks, i mentioned to the hubby just how gorgeous i find the leading man to be. i went on to say that IF there ever comes a time that i look the other way and throw caution to the wind, it will be because...

(a) it is with this guy: daniel henney or
(b) it is because the guy looks exactly like the answer in letter a

in reply, the hubby asked for my forgiveness in the off-chance that he strays but there is no way that he will ever turn down jessica alba if she wanted him.

i guess this means i never have to entertain the thought of either of us leaving each other for another.

Monday, October 22, 2007

climbing the corporate ladder (part deux)

it is with even more pleasure that i announce...

that the hubby has accepted the Customer Service Team Lead position at Canadian Springs Water Company, where he has invested hours of hard work in the past 8 months.

congratulations go out to my hubby who i am extremely proud of. he's come a long way from his days at the shoe warehouse!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

too much is too much

let me keep this short and sweet.

9.5 shots of tequila + 3 shots of baccardi = the toilet being my best friend.

i spent half the day regurgitating everything i downed last night.

on the up side, we found out that cranium is the best couples night game and will be spending more time with it.

good times. *sigh*. such good times.

Friday, October 19, 2007

give me some of that water!

there seems to be something in the water these days that acquaintances of mine, both left and right, seem to be getting themselves pregnant or are in the process of having a stork delivering a baby to their door. i have to say that whenever i see the happy faces of these women, i can't help but feel a pang of anxiety shooting straight to my heart which i can only define as one word: jealousy.

for more than a year now, the hubby and i have been seriously trying for a baby. my meaning of serious of course --- is absolutely no protection, counting the days of my monthly friend and pretty much hitting the sack every other day when i am most fertile. at the rate we've been going, a kady or elaine junior should have been due sometime this year. it's unfortunate because that's not the case.

so for now, i take pleasure in hearing the news of happy mommies and daddies looking forward to their first baby, attending baby showers and slowly traipsing down the baby aisles of each store i come across... dreaming of the day when i get to design my own baby room and fight over the names of the upcoming bundle.

but then again, with my new job, i don't think a baby is in the plans....
on the other hand.... *sigh* fine, if anyone comes across another pregnancy, please make sure to save me some of that water you've been having lately.

Friday, October 5, 2007

climbing the corporate ladder

it is with much pleasure that i announce ----

that you are now looking at the Admnistrative Assistant to Boston Pizza International's Vice President of Finance and General Council.

*takes a bow*

thank you very much.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

to my best friend...

i feel like i'm back in elementary school again... going between you and the boy you like... delivering messages to each other and feeling cool that i am helping bridge a gap between the two of you. except now, i'm no longer in high school and it feels more like i'm burning the bridge because i am delivering a message that brings tears to my eyes.

so before you go on and read this blog, especially YOU, who i know will be hurt by this whole spill, please keep in mind that i am doing this here because there is no way i can get a hold of you right now... and i need an outlet after the kind of conversation i just had.

i just hanged up the phone after an hour's conversation with the boy i once loved. yes, him... the one you are now getting yourself attached to. though you say you are not likely to fall for him, i also know that somehow, you have given him a piece of your vulnerable heart. he asked me what was wrong with you. he asked me why you are acting nonchalant, indifferent... and he also asked me why at times, he feels like you are the one running after him. i did not know what to say, luv. except the truth. to make him see what it was that he did wrong.

so i told him that he gave you hope only to take it all away in one swift motion. i told him that he owed you an explanation after so suddenly taking off from your life. i told him how wrong it was for him to lead you on when he was not ready to take this step.

then he explained it to me. that he feels at fault for his past. not with you, but with her. that he feels that he will hurt you more if he asked you to wait or to stay. that he wants to settle everything before finally making a move with his life. but most of all, that he is scared. because the mistake he committed last year was enough to make him second-guess himself. and you and i both know that with women throwing themselves to him left and right, that he will not run out of options... the only thing is, will he choose right?

he asked me what it is that he should do. i said i did not know. but i asked him to answer one questions for me, and though i feel foolish for asking, i did. i asked if he wanted to be with you... if there was some space in there for you. he begged me not to ask that. and when he finally relented with his answer, i felt a certain hesitation. because sure as he was, the idea of "other options" was also there.

though the decision is not up to me, i felt it only right to ask him to not contact you without giving me a chance to speak with you first. i want you to be the one to settle with a choice. i want you to be the one who will have a last say in the matter. and i want him to regret his line of thought.

but if i may say so... you and him, i always felt, had a right to be. you and him are the perfect fit. time is just not giving you the chance to collide. it's been two years and still, you and him are still going back and forth with each other. questionning... wondering... hesitating.

my heart is breaking and my tears are falling. for the boy i once loved is making the biggest mistake of his life. he is letting you go...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

and down the hill we go

as all of you are aware of, the hubby and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. counting from the beggining, we have been together for FIVE years. as i hear the hubby talking to his and my family yesterday, i believe his direct quote was "Five years na kaming naglolokohan".

to reminise, we've spent all our anniversaries doing something out of our ordinary routine...

in year 1it was a limo ride & boat cruise dinner
in year 2 it was a four day edmonton trip
in year 3 we celebrated with a wedding in the phillippines prior to our "official date"
in year 4 we spent four hours at the spa and went for dinner with friends

now let's get to year 5.

year 5 started with no plans except for a promise made by the hubby some weeks ago to send me a huge and wonderful boquet of flowers at work. the clock ticks 9... 10.... 11..... 12...... and no flowers arrive. ok, i thought, it'll be here later. so i went ahead and grabbed some lunch and proceeded to read my horoscope for the day. lo and behold, what did it say?

"prepare for some dissappointments with a man due to a broken promise"

uhmmm --- yeah. by that point, i decided to email the hubby and ask if he even got me flowers. his answer was no. oh, and i forgot... there was no "happy anniversary" greeting or kiss from him at all that morning when he dropped me off at work! all that i received was a "hapi anniv" email once he got to work.

i shouldn't really make him look this bad considering the night before our anniversary, we got into a spiff due to (a) he made me look bad in front of his brother and (b) i deleted all of his porn collection (trust me, this is an entirely different blog for the future).

ok, with all this said and done, we decided to hit the theatres and watch Stardust (my choice) and go for dinner at Richmond Sushi (my choice as well). we had a nice and quiet anniversary doing something inappropriately common based on our previous track record.

to top off my annoyance at our 5th year celebration... did i mention there was ABSOLUTELY NO SEX LAST NIGHT?

and down the hill we go...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

on friendship

over the years, i've been finding myself too picky when it comes to choosing and keeping friends. don't get me wrong, i can label a lot as friends and even more as acquaintances but i've been nipped in the butt for far too often when it comes to those i've deemed myself closest to. i think my heart learned to stop letting people in far too close just in case.

sometimes i wonder who my truest friends are. to be honest, i can count them in one hand. those are the ones who, though they are not there, have always had front row seats to the so called drama of my life. i don't need to see them often, talk to them daily or even have the urge to spill my beans to them at all times. i know it's cliche but they're the friends i can sit with and have quiet moments with and they will be able to understand what thoughts are occupying my head.

i also wonder at times if i'm just becoming old and judgemental. or if my attitude towards friendship just shifted all together after my marriage. i didn't have the constant need to be surrounded by people anymore... not when i had someone who i can converse and argue with without having that dread that i have said the wrong thing. i always think about how lucky i am that my hubby is someone who i can talk to like i would one of my girls.

so i guess this is for those whom i lovingly call not only my friends, but sisters as well. different people who comes from different walks and different phases of my life but nevertheless, has the same impact to me. my twin tower, my diva singing sister, my confidante, my alter-ego and my pooh-pooh.

i'm being all sentimental. i just miss you all too damn much right now.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

you raise me up

let me just say how great josh groban is at performing live. i never expected last night's concert to give me true appreciation of hi mas a singer, musician and performer. i am still riding the crescent high he lifted me up on after he sang "you raise me up". brings tears to my eyes every time i hear that song and to finally hear him perform it live was all so much more better.

[insert] the hubby loved him. absolutely loved him. even mentioned how they sound alike when singing and proceeded to give me his best 'josh groban' impersonation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lies of handsome men

you know that one song that you fall in love with once... and again... and all over again? the kind of song that calls to you and the kind of song that no matter how old it is, you just will never forget it?

a few years back, i chanced upon that song that has become an all time favourite of mine. these past few weeks, i found myself humming the tune in my head and finally gave into the urge to download the music from limewire. least to say, the version of this song i loved so much was by a local canadian artist and never really did hit the mainstream.

now i find myself digging around the net looking for a cd.

needless to say, i thought i'd share with you the lyrics of this beautiful piece of music... and hopefully, i'll be able to post the actual song here sometime!


I believe in starsigns, I believe in film romances
I believe in fantasy, And I believe with just one glance he's crazy for my eyes
And I believe the lies of handsome men

I believe in witchcraft and I believe in Cinderella
I believe in gypsies and I believe I cast a spell that sends him to the skies
And I believe the lies of handsome men

Somewhere in the corner of my mind
I'm not a fool completely blind
But even though he's hooked me on his lies
I find the pleasure's been mine

I believe in love songs, they seem to know just what I'm feeling
I believe prince charming, I never guessed he's double dealing
How my spirits rise believing in the lies of handsome the men

Sometimes in a dark and quiet place
The truth and I meet face to face
And even if his highness disappears
I'll keep some stunning souvenirs

So I believe in heroes and I expect that happy ending
Wishing on some rainbow, I'll pretend he's not pretending
Someday I'll get wise, b
ut right now, need the lies....
Of handsome men

-Lies of Handsome Men
version by Glennis Houston

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my 24th soiree in a blink

harrison hot springs
august 3 & 4 2007

white water rafting @ squamish
august 5, 2007

+ limo bikes & racing
+ arwen's non-stop trying to hit the right or left signal (when there is none available)
+ learning how to play poker
+ 15 and more shots of hypnotiq (plus the remainder of the bottle
+ 3 and more shots of disaronio
+ never been this drunk before: trying to rape the hubby in front of my friends
+ chas and her red spots
+ chas and her bodies' way of saying 'no' to alchohol
+ leah hiding behind the curtains
+ arwen yelling "umalis ka diyaan, umalis ka diyaan!"
+ kady's face everytime he takes a shot
+ "ms. bartender, tagay! tagay! tagay!"
+ thinking i have the upper hand in the poker game and betting so much money only to realize that i read my cards wrong! (chas, i still blame you for this!)
+ the farting war between jay and kady
+ leah's little "tong-ting" itching (actually, all the rest of us as well!)
+ arwen and her "next top model" poses (especially by the window)
+ bugging arwen for a ciggy, only to turn it down when she finally said yes
+ leah and her non-stop bathroom runs
+ boating.... next time we need a tube!
+ non-stop photowhoring sessions
+ elaine = ms. tagay
+ chas = ms. suka
+ leah = ms. banyo queen
+ arwen = ms. tama na
+ benji = mr. sige pa
+ kady = prut 1
+ jay = prut 2
+ river rafting with benji, arwen, the hubby & my bro
+ swimming in the freezing river
+ arwen, benji & kady jumping off the raft
+ we can't lift kady up!
+ hearing benji and kady scream like girls on the water
+ all the water fights!

guys, if i forget anything, feel free to add it to the comments list and i shall add it on here.... i can only hope that my 25th next year will be as great as this one!!!

i miss harrison and squamish already!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

wandering eyes

as the hubby and i did some grocery shopping the other day, my eye suddenly fell upon a man who was, in the most charming of ways, quite the eye candy. needless to say, i oogled him like crazy, slowly running a long-playing strip tease of him and his gorgeous bod in my head.

as i was trying to be non-chalant about this daydream of mine (and boy was i needing to fan myself), i saw the hubby staring at me with an odd look.

damn. i knew it. i was caught with a wandering eye.

i smiled at the hubby who asked me what i was thinking. we've always been openly honest about our attraction to good looking men and women but he's never really seen me quite so.... to put it mildly, aroused... at the mere sighting of a fine looking specimen. so i gushed to him, like i would one of my girlfriends, about how gorgeous i thought this boy was. he laughed and commented that the only reason i was attracted to the man was because of how 'madungis' he looked in comparison to him who is always so fresh and put-together.

i asked him if he was at all jealous of my wandering eye. he said no!
i asked him if he was at all jealous of my dirty thoughts. he said no!
i asked him if he was at all jealous that i'm dreaming of another man. he said no!

based on those answers, the hubby received some hanky panky when we got home.

then with a smug grin on his face, he pointed out that this is exactly the reason why he's not the jealous type... 'coz he gets to take me home at night.

*sigh* sometimes, that boy can be romantic in a roundabout way.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


can i just vent for a second?

so i went out to the store to rent me some tagalog movies. it's thursday night and i felt like crying so the hubby and i went and got the movie i wanted. it was 7.30 when we did that. at my hubby's request, i delayed my date with regine velasquez and piolo pascual in Paano Kita Iibigin and moved it t 9.30 after he's played some games on his system.

so what happens? it's 9.30 and i don't have a movie. it turns out that the store gave me the wrong cd's and i was able to get one of the Pacquiao fights.

in a scale of 1-10... this exceed it. this is my total grrr moment.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

and so it ends *no spoilers, i promise*

can i just say, that though i am no longer that big a fan of harry potter...


to the point where i laughed, cried and screamed FUDGE over and over again starting from chapter 36. [edit: make that chapter 34]

that ending just made it totally worth my sleepless nights.

bravo, J.K. Rowling, for i was at the edge of my seat, gripping your novel to the extent that on some parts, i wanted to hurl it across the room because i just couldn't take the suspense any longer.

ps. now i'm sad it's actually over

ride the wave

BPI Summer Party - White Water Rafting
Elaho-Squamish River

June 20, 2007
no rain, 5 foot waves or 3 friggin' degrees cold water is gonna stop us from making this run

ps. and yes, that is me at the very
front right hand side of the photo

Saturday, July 21, 2007

say a little prayer

a girlfriend of mine, and a much avid reader of this blog *who will remain nameless* has been going through some boy trauma lately. you see, she recently lost one whom she gave her heart to, and gained one who, at first, gave her the impression that he wanted to be with her, yet, has simply dropped off the face of this planet.

what a dufus. as per our most recent conversations.... pakshetangina talaga siya. (thanks for teaching me that new word!)

so to my girlfriend, don't swear off men just yet. have a little more patience. and while waiting for this mutual friend of ours to get his mind in the right direction, say a little prayer that goes like this:

Dear Lord,
I pray for wisdom to understand this man;
Love to forgive him for his current shortcomings;

And patience for his sudden lack of communication with me;
Because Lord, if I pray for strength, I'll go after him and beat
him to his senses until he realizes that he's held me up and kept me

i'm sore but brave, uber brave....

as a team-building/summer party event for work, the social committee decided to take us on a white water rafting adventure. the two hour bus ride up to squamish as well as another 40 minutes to get up the river was well-worth the downhill rafting adventure offered to us by the guides who took us against the waves. actually, the fact that i am sore, hurting & feeling bruised (given to the fact that i almost fell off in the river) does not really matter as the experience of it all was uber fantastic!

so now you ask, why brave?

WET SUIT. is that enough of a description? i swear, every bulge in my body seemed to have been magnified by the time i put on the jumpsuit. even worse, the jacket i was given to wear must have been a least 3 sizes smaller than me, hence, i look like the michellin tire mascot! the only thing i can't think of is: thank god there was no full length mirror in the bathroom! i swear, if i ever saw my actual self in the lovely jumpsuit with it's matching booties, i would have said GET ME OUT OF HERE and never would have gone white water rafting!

the rafting is another totally different topic. it was outrageously fun! i loved it... loved it so much that i think it's worth going at least twice a month and spending all that money just to be able to get back in the water and do it all over again! mind you, i almost fell in twice in the rapid section of the river as well as braved 5 foot tides. i was soaked to the skin with three degrees cold water, part of a glacier that melted 8 hours before our adventure, but totally had a blast.

the question now is... anyone want to come with me next time? ---> this is where i'm going back to!

ps. i need a massage.... anyone?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

so long, farewell...

as i spend the last few days carefully packing a year filled with memories from our current residence, i can't help but feel sad at the thought that i will no longer step into this condo which i have been calling "home" since june of 2006.

on july 15, the hubby and i will be locking the heavy door for the final time... and giving it a jostle or two to ensure that we have locked it properly.

i can't believe that we are leaving our lovely home which walls have ensured that we are safe and sound, and kept all our intimate secrets hushed. i can't believe how time flies so quickly and i leave saddened that we are leaving so much memories behind.

Monday, June 18, 2007

getting to know him

In the course of my 3 year courtship and 2 year marriage with whom i now lovingly call "the hubby", he still has ways of surprising me whenever I start to think that i know everything about him already...

par example:

1.) During one of our trips to Victoria, we did a tour of some historic castles. One in particular, is a walk-through where no guides will take you around. To put it mildly, he looked like a kid in a candy shop running from room to room discovering nooks & crannies as we went along. I thought that his attention span would max out to half an hour but we spent almost 2 hours learning about the castle.

2.) A conversation we've had very recently was about travels. I, for one, would love it if I was touring the countries in the south pacific. I always thought that the hubby would like to go in a city that had theme parks, malls & hpye... California & Hollywood always pop-up when I think of him. I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised me when I discovered that if he were to travel, he would go to Rome & Italy. He wants to walk through cobblestone and learn the history of art. He wants to see the Vatican and learn the beauty of the olden days. He wants to visit Museums and see St. Peter's Square. Imagine my shock upon hearing this.

3.) On our way home yesterday, we stopped by a convenience store to pick-up some snacks. Outside, there were two homeless gentleman sitting on the cornersteps and they asked the hubby to spare some change once he steps out of the store. The hubby replied back to say that he unfortunately did not have cash but "would they like something to eat instead?" Both of them replied 'sure, why not' with a smirk on their face probably thinking that this guy was pulling their leg. When inside the store, I was watchful of what the hubby was shopping for, intent on the thought that he was probably joking and really not getting anything for the two outside. Imagine my surprise when after I chose my chips, he picked up two cans of coke and proceeded to purchase two hotdogs in a bun, not for us, but for the two outside. He paid for our purchases, placed ketchup and mustard on the hotdogs and when we stepped outside, went straight to the two who are waiting on the steps and handed them their food and said "I didn't know what condiments you wanted but I'm sure you can go in there and add more if you'd like". The two were surprised, thanked him profusely and when he walked away, both of them yelled "Happy Father's Day". I was so proud of him then, knowing that he did do the right thing. He can't save or help everyone but an action such as his, though so little for him and cost less than $10, made such a difference in those two guys who probably hasn't had any decent meal in days.

There are times when I've fully immersed myself in the thought that I know the hubby so well and nothing will surprise me anymore. Goes to show how wrong I can be sometimes.... for he does some wonderful things that keeps me falling a little more for him everytime.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


i am an addict.
the type who can't eat and can't sleep unless that one hit has been taken.
the worse part is, it's not a ciggarette that i crave for. not even some sort of drug that will keep me high and happy for a few hours at a time.

no, i am addicted to the wonders of FACEBOOK.

screw the kids that created facebook *shakes a fist towards them*
because of you, my lovely time off from work has been taken and now i sit quite uncomfortably in front of my laptop typing away and seeing what new application i can add and tell my friends about. those who i love talking over the phone with have now been deduced to 5-liner messages on their wall or quick 3-liner messages:

hi, how are you?
msg me if we have plans.

3 weeks after i succumb to peer pressure (amidst my brother's warning of not joining), i am now one of the millions of users who use the site for "social" purposes. and to think i was laughing everytime i hear a conversation on their current addiction, now it seems the laugh is on me.

hence, i no longer can turn my laptop off. i also have a super sensitive hearing sense as everytime i hear a 'ping' on my email, i know it is a quick note from facebook letting me know that i have a message/comment/approval to check.

oh, and not to mention that i am now seriously considering some sort of therapy from this... do you know any good psychiatrist who could possibly help?

A few steps backward....

Playback #5
Quit my job at Nintendo. No more double priorities, cash receipts, grouchy consumer's and yelling people calling me about the problem with their Wii system. Good-bye, Nintendo. Hello to something new.

Playback #4
Move back to Vancouver. No more long commutes. Sayonara to the Patulo Bridge... I no longer want to cross you ever again.

Playback #3
Pharoah! I'm getting a new puppy. Actually, it's Milo's son.... and I get to pick him up sometime soon.

Playback #2
Took on the role of Wedding Planner for the Antonio-Planta Nuptials for next year. Exciting times & lots of stress ahead.

Playback #1
Hello new job! Office Co-ordinator for Boston Pizza International (head office, ladies & gents). Discounts, anyone?