Friday, October 19, 2007

give me some of that water!

there seems to be something in the water these days that acquaintances of mine, both left and right, seem to be getting themselves pregnant or are in the process of having a stork delivering a baby to their door. i have to say that whenever i see the happy faces of these women, i can't help but feel a pang of anxiety shooting straight to my heart which i can only define as one word: jealousy.

for more than a year now, the hubby and i have been seriously trying for a baby. my meaning of serious of course --- is absolutely no protection, counting the days of my monthly friend and pretty much hitting the sack every other day when i am most fertile. at the rate we've been going, a kady or elaine junior should have been due sometime this year. it's unfortunate because that's not the case.

so for now, i take pleasure in hearing the news of happy mommies and daddies looking forward to their first baby, attending baby showers and slowly traipsing down the baby aisles of each store i come across... dreaming of the day when i get to design my own baby room and fight over the names of the upcoming bundle.

but then again, with my new job, i don't think a baby is in the plans....
on the other hand.... *sigh* fine, if anyone comes across another pregnancy, please make sure to save me some of that water you've been having lately.

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