Friday, October 26, 2007

it's a monogamous marriage except...

i once had a conversation with the hubby that went along the lines of how truly faithful and loyal we are to each other. the topic was brought about when in the midst of watching one of my korean flicks, i mentioned to the hubby just how gorgeous i find the leading man to be. i went on to say that IF there ever comes a time that i look the other way and throw caution to the wind, it will be because...

(a) it is with this guy: daniel henney or
(b) it is because the guy looks exactly like the answer in letter a

in reply, the hubby asked for my forgiveness in the off-chance that he strays but there is no way that he will ever turn down jessica alba if she wanted him.

i guess this means i never have to entertain the thought of either of us leaving each other for another.

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