Thursday, July 31, 2008

baby view

Baby Shrimp
13 weeks old

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i find myself trying to stay away from malls these days. it seems that the site, sound, and just the overall feeling of being in one keeps me constantly annoyed and on my toes. i really don't understand it, nor does my husband. so last night, he decided to go for some quality time with himself while i snored a few hours of my exhaustion on our couch.

he arrived home at about 9:30 to tell me that he has bought a toy for baby shrimp (meaning an RC for himself) and then produced some goodies for me! my oh-so-thoughtful husband went to the Body Shop to pick up some body butter for my ever-expanding tummy!!! The papaya scent was just super delish while the japanese cherry blossom gave a total relaxing smell that made me want to hit bed right away.

after a quick shower, i headed straight to bed in my usual underwear and tank top and he asked me which scent i wanted to try first. i told him to use whichever one he wanted and he proceeded to rub the papaya butter on the tum-tum while baby talking to our little shrimp.

hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm... can i say it was pure heaven?

now, not only do i get a good rubbin' at night, i get it in the morning too!

ahhh --- such are the wonderful perks of pregnancy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the date is set

we finally have an exact delivery date for the little shrimp coming along.

FEBRUARY 2, 2009

that is exactly 7 months from today.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

a letter from papa

reply back from my dad after he received the baby's first ultrasound pic ---

Ling & Kady,

It is so nice to learn that as early as this stage, all of you are developing raport with each other (mom, dad and child). This early bonding creates that unique and universal form of society basically known as the "Family". The tighter the relationship within each and every member, the more stable and harmonious your lives will be.

We are as much exited as you are for this small dots, err - little angel that we could see over this pic. The fun and adventure has just begun!

Take care and we love you always,

Papa, Mama & David

Friday, July 11, 2008

wave hello!

my first ultrasound appointment was moved from the 26th of july over to 9am this morning. i come to the clinic not really knowing what to expect when they asked me to lay down on the table and push my dress up.

so i lay there as this technician pushes this thing on my tummy and moves it around. after about five minutes of doing this, she calls in the hubby and moves the monitor to show us this tiny little thing moving inside me.

and there he was.... a little under 2 inches from crown to rump, you can see the little hands and legs moving about while a little flutter on the screen proves his beating little heart. then the little one raises an arm and you can see his hands waving hello... almost like he knew that his mommy and daddy were watching him.

i get teary-eyed knowing that there really is a special one growing in me.

say hello to baby shrimp!

10 weeks and 3 days old

Thursday, July 10, 2008


i keep forgetting to mention that my baby bee has been christened with a name that the hubby came up with weeks ago...

we now have a BABY SHRIMP



i get a call from the doctor's office today and it turns out that my referral to BC Women's has been thwarted due to the fact that i do not reside in Vancouver. i am now to go back to my doctor on monday to reassess the situation as i would prefer to be in the hospital that deals with babies and birth as a number 1 priority.

as in seriously. how annoying can this get?

on a brighter note, it's "hello baby" tomorrow!

can't wait!

enough already

i seriously thought that the days of my morning sickness is over until this morning when i happen to chuck out what i just had for breakfast.


i really hope this will go away soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

what the glob?!?

i was at my physician's today for a quick run-down of my blood work from last week when she asked me the most unexpected question...

"so.... do you want to hear your baby's heartbeat?"

my mind went blank for a moment before i was able to reply with a hearty "yes".

she asked me to lie on those uncomfortable clinic beds while she grabbed the little ultrasound machine. as she prepped me for it, she said that we might not be able to hear the baby's heartbeat yet as they normally don't become load enough to hear until 14 weeks.

so she was yabbering on while i was trying hard to contain my excitement when all of a sudden, i feel cold liquid being spread all over my slightly bulging tum-tum.



it felt like massive amounts of lube was being spread all over me. cold, disgusting lube that has spilled on my tummy.

unfortunately, the doctor was right and the baby's heartbeat was still a little too quiet for us to hear. (and no, i wasn't dissapointed about that... but i sure can't wait until next time when we try again!)

as i cleaned up the disgusting jelly on me, the doctor said "get used to all that glob... you're going to be getting lots of it on you for the next few months..."


Thursday, July 3, 2008

the sweetest thing

after dinner last night, a much-needed quiet and relaxation time was what my body was needing. i plopped myself down on the sofa and turned on the tv to find something to feast my eyes on.

halfway through watching a sitcom rerun, the hubby comes out of our second bedroom, ipod in hand and loud music blearing through his earphones. i had to smirk when i realized that he was wearing nothing but his briefs, shaking his thang (and in the process, his tummy), to some tune he has going on his player.

he looks and smiles at me, comments how he loves his new earphones and proceeds to make me laugh with his maniacal dancing and his out-of-tune singing.

after a few minutes of doing this, and the fact that he was running out of breath, he sits on the floor by my tummy and says to me "here, let me sing to the baby". he lifts my shirt as i roll my eyes thinking he's probably going to be singing some little john rap. the next thing i know, he was belting his best rendition of "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You" as he followed the music and lyrics going through his ipod.

cheesy. i know.

but darn it, it was the sweetest thing he's ever done since we found out about the baby.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


and the morning sickness keeps coming...

... at midnight
... in the morning
... sometime mid-afternoon

i'm getting sick & tired of constantly having to kneel in front of the toilet seat.

*sigh* when will this ever end???

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

we're due WHEN?!?

when i first found out i was pregnant, my first thought was that i was due sometime mid-feb or early march. i was excited about the prospect of having a valentines baby and was hoping to actually give birth on said day.

yesterday, a visit to a new doctor gave me a tentative D.O.B. for the little bee coming along. i explained to her that recently, i have been irregular and though i know when the first day of my last period was, we couldn't really use that as a basis. she asked when my symptoms first showed to which the answer was the beggining of june. she did a quick count and said "well, that's about right. symptoms don't normally tend to show until about 4-6 weeks after conception so my best guess is that you did get pregnant in april! she did a quick math and exclaimed...


ohmigosh... ohmigosh... ohmigosh! i can't be due on January! i'm not ready for january!!!!!!!