Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i find myself trying to stay away from malls these days. it seems that the site, sound, and just the overall feeling of being in one keeps me constantly annoyed and on my toes. i really don't understand it, nor does my husband. so last night, he decided to go for some quality time with himself while i snored a few hours of my exhaustion on our couch.

he arrived home at about 9:30 to tell me that he has bought a toy for baby shrimp (meaning an RC for himself) and then produced some goodies for me! my oh-so-thoughtful husband went to the Body Shop to pick up some body butter for my ever-expanding tummy!!! The papaya scent was just super delish while the japanese cherry blossom gave a total relaxing smell that made me want to hit bed right away.

after a quick shower, i headed straight to bed in my usual underwear and tank top and he asked me which scent i wanted to try first. i told him to use whichever one he wanted and he proceeded to rub the papaya butter on the tum-tum while baby talking to our little shrimp.

hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm... can i say it was pure heaven?

now, not only do i get a good rubbin' at night, i get it in the morning too!

ahhh --- such are the wonderful perks of pregnancy.

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