Monday, July 7, 2008

what the glob?!?

i was at my physician's today for a quick run-down of my blood work from last week when she asked me the most unexpected question...

"so.... do you want to hear your baby's heartbeat?"

my mind went blank for a moment before i was able to reply with a hearty "yes".

she asked me to lie on those uncomfortable clinic beds while she grabbed the little ultrasound machine. as she prepped me for it, she said that we might not be able to hear the baby's heartbeat yet as they normally don't become load enough to hear until 14 weeks.

so she was yabbering on while i was trying hard to contain my excitement when all of a sudden, i feel cold liquid being spread all over my slightly bulging tum-tum.



it felt like massive amounts of lube was being spread all over me. cold, disgusting lube that has spilled on my tummy.

unfortunately, the doctor was right and the baby's heartbeat was still a little too quiet for us to hear. (and no, i wasn't dissapointed about that... but i sure can't wait until next time when we try again!)

as i cleaned up the disgusting jelly on me, the doctor said "get used to all that glob... you're going to be getting lots of it on you for the next few months..."


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