Monday, June 18, 2007

getting to know him

In the course of my 3 year courtship and 2 year marriage with whom i now lovingly call "the hubby", he still has ways of surprising me whenever I start to think that i know everything about him already...

par example:

1.) During one of our trips to Victoria, we did a tour of some historic castles. One in particular, is a walk-through where no guides will take you around. To put it mildly, he looked like a kid in a candy shop running from room to room discovering nooks & crannies as we went along. I thought that his attention span would max out to half an hour but we spent almost 2 hours learning about the castle.

2.) A conversation we've had very recently was about travels. I, for one, would love it if I was touring the countries in the south pacific. I always thought that the hubby would like to go in a city that had theme parks, malls & hpye... California & Hollywood always pop-up when I think of him. I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised me when I discovered that if he were to travel, he would go to Rome & Italy. He wants to walk through cobblestone and learn the history of art. He wants to see the Vatican and learn the beauty of the olden days. He wants to visit Museums and see St. Peter's Square. Imagine my shock upon hearing this.

3.) On our way home yesterday, we stopped by a convenience store to pick-up some snacks. Outside, there were two homeless gentleman sitting on the cornersteps and they asked the hubby to spare some change once he steps out of the store. The hubby replied back to say that he unfortunately did not have cash but "would they like something to eat instead?" Both of them replied 'sure, why not' with a smirk on their face probably thinking that this guy was pulling their leg. When inside the store, I was watchful of what the hubby was shopping for, intent on the thought that he was probably joking and really not getting anything for the two outside. Imagine my surprise when after I chose my chips, he picked up two cans of coke and proceeded to purchase two hotdogs in a bun, not for us, but for the two outside. He paid for our purchases, placed ketchup and mustard on the hotdogs and when we stepped outside, went straight to the two who are waiting on the steps and handed them their food and said "I didn't know what condiments you wanted but I'm sure you can go in there and add more if you'd like". The two were surprised, thanked him profusely and when he walked away, both of them yelled "Happy Father's Day". I was so proud of him then, knowing that he did do the right thing. He can't save or help everyone but an action such as his, though so little for him and cost less than $10, made such a difference in those two guys who probably hasn't had any decent meal in days.

There are times when I've fully immersed myself in the thought that I know the hubby so well and nothing will surprise me anymore. Goes to show how wrong I can be sometimes.... for he does some wonderful things that keeps me falling a little more for him everytime.

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Arwen said...

MISS! I had tears in my eyes when I read this. So sweet!