Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A few steps backward....

Playback #5
Quit my job at Nintendo. No more double priorities, cash receipts, grouchy consumer's and yelling people calling me about the problem with their Wii system. Good-bye, Nintendo. Hello to something new.

Playback #4
Move back to Vancouver. No more long commutes. Sayonara to the Patulo Bridge... I no longer want to cross you ever again.

Playback #3
Pharoah! I'm getting a new puppy. Actually, it's Milo's son.... and I get to pick him up sometime soon.

Playback #2
Took on the role of Wedding Planner for the Antonio-Planta Nuptials for next year. Exciting times & lots of stress ahead.

Playback #1
Hello new job! Office Co-ordinator for Boston Pizza International (head office, ladies & gents). Discounts, anyone?


Arwen said...


This morning I logged and you had a completely different layout... I log on again and it's different again! lol.

I can't wait for you to move to Vancouver. We're practically neighbours (well, with a 5 minute drive between houses of course).

cheryl said...

love the playbacks!
(whisper: especially #2)

cheryl said...

love the playbacks!
(whisper: especially #2)