Wednesday, June 13, 2007


i am an addict.
the type who can't eat and can't sleep unless that one hit has been taken.
the worse part is, it's not a ciggarette that i crave for. not even some sort of drug that will keep me high and happy for a few hours at a time.

no, i am addicted to the wonders of FACEBOOK.

screw the kids that created facebook *shakes a fist towards them*
because of you, my lovely time off from work has been taken and now i sit quite uncomfortably in front of my laptop typing away and seeing what new application i can add and tell my friends about. those who i love talking over the phone with have now been deduced to 5-liner messages on their wall or quick 3-liner messages:

hi, how are you?
msg me if we have plans.

3 weeks after i succumb to peer pressure (amidst my brother's warning of not joining), i am now one of the millions of users who use the site for "social" purposes. and to think i was laughing everytime i hear a conversation on their current addiction, now it seems the laugh is on me.

hence, i no longer can turn my laptop off. i also have a super sensitive hearing sense as everytime i hear a 'ping' on my email, i know it is a quick note from facebook letting me know that i have a message/comment/approval to check.

oh, and not to mention that i am now seriously considering some sort of therapy from this... do you know any good psychiatrist who could possibly help?

1 comment:

tins said...

you are NOT just an addict anymore, missy. you are a pusher as well.

you got me HOOKED! kaines ka!