Saturday, July 21, 2007

say a little prayer

a girlfriend of mine, and a much avid reader of this blog *who will remain nameless* has been going through some boy trauma lately. you see, she recently lost one whom she gave her heart to, and gained one who, at first, gave her the impression that he wanted to be with her, yet, has simply dropped off the face of this planet.

what a dufus. as per our most recent conversations.... pakshetangina talaga siya. (thanks for teaching me that new word!)

so to my girlfriend, don't swear off men just yet. have a little more patience. and while waiting for this mutual friend of ours to get his mind in the right direction, say a little prayer that goes like this:

Dear Lord,
I pray for wisdom to understand this man;
Love to forgive him for his current shortcomings;

And patience for his sudden lack of communication with me;
Because Lord, if I pray for strength, I'll go after him and beat
him to his senses until he realizes that he's held me up and kept me

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