Saturday, July 21, 2007

i'm sore but brave, uber brave....

as a team-building/summer party event for work, the social committee decided to take us on a white water rafting adventure. the two hour bus ride up to squamish as well as another 40 minutes to get up the river was well-worth the downhill rafting adventure offered to us by the guides who took us against the waves. actually, the fact that i am sore, hurting & feeling bruised (given to the fact that i almost fell off in the river) does not really matter as the experience of it all was uber fantastic!

so now you ask, why brave?

WET SUIT. is that enough of a description? i swear, every bulge in my body seemed to have been magnified by the time i put on the jumpsuit. even worse, the jacket i was given to wear must have been a least 3 sizes smaller than me, hence, i look like the michellin tire mascot! the only thing i can't think of is: thank god there was no full length mirror in the bathroom! i swear, if i ever saw my actual self in the lovely jumpsuit with it's matching booties, i would have said GET ME OUT OF HERE and never would have gone white water rafting!

the rafting is another totally different topic. it was outrageously fun! i loved it... loved it so much that i think it's worth going at least twice a month and spending all that money just to be able to get back in the water and do it all over again! mind you, i almost fell in twice in the rapid section of the river as well as braved 5 foot tides. i was soaked to the skin with three degrees cold water, part of a glacier that melted 8 hours before our adventure, but totally had a blast.

the question now is... anyone want to come with me next time? ---> this is where i'm going back to!

ps. i need a massage.... anyone?

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