Thursday, July 26, 2007


can i just vent for a second?

so i went out to the store to rent me some tagalog movies. it's thursday night and i felt like crying so the hubby and i went and got the movie i wanted. it was 7.30 when we did that. at my hubby's request, i delayed my date with regine velasquez and piolo pascual in Paano Kita Iibigin and moved it t 9.30 after he's played some games on his system.

so what happens? it's 9.30 and i don't have a movie. it turns out that the store gave me the wrong cd's and i was able to get one of the Pacquiao fights.

in a scale of 1-10... this exceed it. this is my total grrr moment.


cheryl said...

that truly is a grrr moment
BUT never fail
you and i babe sunday night
i can't wait!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

i'm sooo looking forward to sunday!
would you like some pasghetti, ate cher? i should cook us some...

Elaine said...

mellie, you'd be bawling.... even worse, you'd have that really bad kind of crying and you won't stop making hikbi!

cheryl said...

so i think i've recovered from the filipino movies
yeah- no
who was i kidding

Elaine said...

last night i was dreaming of piolo.
damn kady woke me up in the middle of a wonderful tryst with him.