Wednesday, August 1, 2007

wandering eyes

as the hubby and i did some grocery shopping the other day, my eye suddenly fell upon a man who was, in the most charming of ways, quite the eye candy. needless to say, i oogled him like crazy, slowly running a long-playing strip tease of him and his gorgeous bod in my head.

as i was trying to be non-chalant about this daydream of mine (and boy was i needing to fan myself), i saw the hubby staring at me with an odd look.

damn. i knew it. i was caught with a wandering eye.

i smiled at the hubby who asked me what i was thinking. we've always been openly honest about our attraction to good looking men and women but he's never really seen me quite so.... to put it mildly, aroused... at the mere sighting of a fine looking specimen. so i gushed to him, like i would one of my girlfriends, about how gorgeous i thought this boy was. he laughed and commented that the only reason i was attracted to the man was because of how 'madungis' he looked in comparison to him who is always so fresh and put-together.

i asked him if he was at all jealous of my wandering eye. he said no!
i asked him if he was at all jealous of my dirty thoughts. he said no!
i asked him if he was at all jealous that i'm dreaming of another man. he said no!

based on those answers, the hubby received some hanky panky when we got home.

then with a smug grin on his face, he pointed out that this is exactly the reason why he's not the jealous type... 'coz he gets to take me home at night.

*sigh* sometimes, that boy can be romantic in a roundabout way.


tins said...

bruha! asan ka na? happy birthday! i miss you soooo much!

mellie said...

cute...i wish that Chris and i were that open about our attraction to other people. Not that i have many but you know what i mean. anyway, i should call u sometime to chat. we have some things to discuss...don't u agree?

Aliza said...

did you know studies say if you try and focus too much on spicing up your relationship, those are the relationship that turn out bad (meaning, you have wandering eyes and pursue that other person instead of your own significant other)... i guess you just end up suffocating your lover. lol

They said, its healthy to look at others. The fantasies are healthy b/c at the end you crave that "real" feeling with the person you're with. It makes sense in a totally twisted way. So dont be mad if your husband is always looking at porn in a routine. lol.