Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lies of handsome men

you know that one song that you fall in love with once... and again... and all over again? the kind of song that calls to you and the kind of song that no matter how old it is, you just will never forget it?

a few years back, i chanced upon that song that has become an all time favourite of mine. these past few weeks, i found myself humming the tune in my head and finally gave into the urge to download the music from limewire. least to say, the version of this song i loved so much was by a local canadian artist and never really did hit the mainstream.

now i find myself digging around the net looking for a cd.

needless to say, i thought i'd share with you the lyrics of this beautiful piece of music... and hopefully, i'll be able to post the actual song here sometime!


I believe in starsigns, I believe in film romances
I believe in fantasy, And I believe with just one glance he's crazy for my eyes
And I believe the lies of handsome men

I believe in witchcraft and I believe in Cinderella
I believe in gypsies and I believe I cast a spell that sends him to the skies
And I believe the lies of handsome men

Somewhere in the corner of my mind
I'm not a fool completely blind
But even though he's hooked me on his lies
I find the pleasure's been mine

I believe in love songs, they seem to know just what I'm feeling
I believe prince charming, I never guessed he's double dealing
How my spirits rise believing in the lies of handsome the men

Sometimes in a dark and quiet place
The truth and I meet face to face
And even if his highness disappears
I'll keep some stunning souvenirs

So I believe in heroes and I expect that happy ending
Wishing on some rainbow, I'll pretend he's not pretending
Someday I'll get wise, b
ut right now, need the lies....
Of handsome men

-Lies of Handsome Men
version by Glennis Houston

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