Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my 24th soiree in a blink

harrison hot springs
august 3 & 4 2007

white water rafting @ squamish
august 5, 2007

+ limo bikes & racing
+ arwen's non-stop trying to hit the right or left signal (when there is none available)
+ learning how to play poker
+ 15 and more shots of hypnotiq (plus the remainder of the bottle
+ 3 and more shots of disaronio
+ never been this drunk before: trying to rape the hubby in front of my friends
+ chas and her red spots
+ chas and her bodies' way of saying 'no' to alchohol
+ leah hiding behind the curtains
+ arwen yelling "umalis ka diyaan, umalis ka diyaan!"
+ kady's face everytime he takes a shot
+ "ms. bartender, tagay! tagay! tagay!"
+ thinking i have the upper hand in the poker game and betting so much money only to realize that i read my cards wrong! (chas, i still blame you for this!)
+ the farting war between jay and kady
+ leah's little "tong-ting" itching (actually, all the rest of us as well!)
+ arwen and her "next top model" poses (especially by the window)
+ bugging arwen for a ciggy, only to turn it down when she finally said yes
+ leah and her non-stop bathroom runs
+ boating.... next time we need a tube!
+ non-stop photowhoring sessions
+ elaine = ms. tagay
+ chas = ms. suka
+ leah = ms. banyo queen
+ arwen = ms. tama na
+ benji = mr. sige pa
+ kady = prut 1
+ jay = prut 2
+ river rafting with benji, arwen, the hubby & my bro
+ swimming in the freezing river
+ arwen, benji & kady jumping off the raft
+ we can't lift kady up!
+ hearing benji and kady scream like girls on the water
+ all the water fights!

guys, if i forget anything, feel free to add it to the comments list and i shall add it on here.... i can only hope that my 25th next year will be as great as this one!!!

i miss harrison and squamish already!

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cheryl said...

can i say.....
(for all to know)

i am a terrible friend
i'm so bad!
Happy belated Birthday chica!
I owe you big time!
(that and a better day planner)