Sunday, August 26, 2007

on friendship

over the years, i've been finding myself too picky when it comes to choosing and keeping friends. don't get me wrong, i can label a lot as friends and even more as acquaintances but i've been nipped in the butt for far too often when it comes to those i've deemed myself closest to. i think my heart learned to stop letting people in far too close just in case.

sometimes i wonder who my truest friends are. to be honest, i can count them in one hand. those are the ones who, though they are not there, have always had front row seats to the so called drama of my life. i don't need to see them often, talk to them daily or even have the urge to spill my beans to them at all times. i know it's cliche but they're the friends i can sit with and have quiet moments with and they will be able to understand what thoughts are occupying my head.

i also wonder at times if i'm just becoming old and judgemental. or if my attitude towards friendship just shifted all together after my marriage. i didn't have the constant need to be surrounded by people anymore... not when i had someone who i can converse and argue with without having that dread that i have said the wrong thing. i always think about how lucky i am that my hubby is someone who i can talk to like i would one of my girls.

so i guess this is for those whom i lovingly call not only my friends, but sisters as well. different people who comes from different walks and different phases of my life but nevertheless, has the same impact to me. my twin tower, my diva singing sister, my confidante, my alter-ego and my pooh-pooh.

i'm being all sentimental. i just miss you all too damn much right now.


Elaine said...

hahaha... so can you take a guess as to which one you are on my list of 5? LOL.

and maybe, just maybe, i will write a book that revolves around YOU. :)

Aliza said...

then that book would either turn to shit or become a hit!

my life story is hard to keep up with . haha. u know that. it would have a series. lol

Elaine said...

oh... and it's up to you whether you want it to be a hit or miss... it will depend on the way YOU end it.

Elaine said...

it would be a series of books.

I'll title it: A LEO'S PROWL

Happy? hahahhaha.

Elaine said...


see, this is exactly why i wuv you, ate cher!!!!

let me count the diva's i know... uhmm... you, you... and oh yea, YOU! :)