Monday, December 17, 2007

he's "NOT" drunk

on saturday night, BPI held it's christmas party at the sutton place hotel where there was great live music, good food & even better desserts, and an open bar. as the hubby and i did not bother checking into the hotel for the night, i decided that for the first time, i will be the designated driver & let the hubby enjoy his night with his new-found best friend, mike.

after a few shots of baccardi & JD, the hubby was feeling more "happy" than usual. by the end of the night, i lost count after 12 shots and he still kept on. when it was mentioned to him that he was drunk, his infamous reply was "I'm not drunk, i'm just funny".

*sigh* --- i've never seen him THIS bad. and to think i had to lug him all the way home.


Aliza said...

haha. im going to use that line next time

Elaine said...

:) you do that!
i have never seen kady drunk. by the end of the night, he sat down and said "i'm dizzy..." i knew it was time to go home when he said that! lol.