Friday, December 21, 2007

junk in a box

yesterday, in the process of looking for a box of pajamas somewhere in our storage, i stumbled upon another box which i have not seen for a long time. i was hooting and screaming with laughter when the curious husband decided to see what i was doing and came in the bedroom and saw that i have filled half of our bed with what he called "junk".

this "junk" is probably one of my most treasured possessions. four diaries that date back to as far as 1994. notes & letters from my elementary and high school days. cards from my family who constantly wrote to me when i left manila. a birthday card my dad sent the year he was away in Saudi Arabia. a scrapbook filled with photos. an old "autograph" book. memories upon memories upon memories worth of "junk".

it seems that almost half of my life was laying quietly in that box, waiting for it to be opened and walked through. i cannot believe how many memories stumbled in my mind upon slowly going through the contents. and because i feel like reminiscing ---

- my first kiss with harold on our "wedding day"
- justine & i and our drama in grade six... not being in the same class is tough and a little "heart-to-heart" was needed to clear up some air
- crushing on stephen g. & that "almost" kiss we shared when my silly brother interrupted
- there was the randy, nino, henry, riel, chris, ivan & jason phase
- the drama with the 'ex' best friends

and so on... and so forth...

with the upcoming new year, it's kind of nice to be able to go and backtrack through my life and see how much i've grown up. from the days of "dear diary" to "hey journal" to "aloha xangans" and now to my "blogger readers", i see that i'm still trying to ensure that my life is stamped and solidified through all these memories.

the question now is, DO YOU?

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