Tuesday, December 23, 2008

quack, quack

i have just entered my 34th week of pregnancy today and i am suddenly feeling overly huge and heavy.  the baby is now taking it's toll on me as i am constantly feeling the aches and pains that mommyhood is bringing forth.  seriously, i do not mind the huge and heavy part.   what i do mind is the part where i am now, thanks to a dropping baby, waddling like a duck.

my apologies for those reading this who thinks that i am giving too much info but my lower groin feels like it's being stretched slowly.  my pelvic area is sore and everytime i get up to walk, i have this constant need to take both my hands and put it under my tummy to support a baby who feels like he's going to fall out anytime soon.

i am on a constant decline now.  i just hope i don't start making the "quack, quack" sounds as i walk the hallways here at work.

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