Monday, September 19, 2011


my hubby is the last person in this world
who will ever pick up flowers of any sort
on any occasion that may arise.

he is a great believer that although beautiful
flowers are a total waste of a good dollar.

i kid you not when i say that in 9 years together
(and it's coming up this 22nd!!!)
he has only ever given me flowers about five times.

so imagine my surprise when i got these on the 10th!
(our actual wedding date).

the little man with daddys' goodies

flowers and tofu bubble tea --- i was on an anniversary high!

note to hubby:
thank you for finally listening to my "concerns"
you do have some sort of romantic streak after all
i just have to pull those ears of yours from time to time


Claudia said...

Wonderful bouquet! your husband, my husband very similar on the flower situation! but my actually did get me flowers on my past b-day! :)

Sherms said...

Aw, that's so sweet. What is it with men and not being openly romantic. What a nice surprise for you though xx

Tins said...

that's really sweet :) i'm glad kady picked this month to be romantic :) happy anniversary month!