Sunday, May 2, 2010

for the lack of update...

it has been a very strained and stressful week here in our little household. actually --- make that two weeks. there were so many things that needed taking care of and to top it off, the little man has gotten sick... YET AGAIN.

i've decided to take a short haitus from the blogging world but am now coming back in full speed. i've missed blogging so much --- but my family needed me much more than the internet and family comes first.

i have to also apologize to my swap partners as i am LATE, LATE AND LATE in sending out your lovely parcels! i will be doing all the sending tomorrow after i put all the finishing touches. i promise those little packages of yours will be in your inboxes in no time at all.

and to those who i have missed emailing in the last little while --- or commenting to, i'll be back hounding your pages!

i have missed all you darlings and can't wait to get back in the loop of things!


Gracie said...

Oh I hope your little one is well! And I'm also late with sending out my mixed cd's too you! Eeep! So sorry. x

crissy said...

Poor little guy. It's so sad when little ones are sick and miserable. Hope he's doing better now.
And I hope things chill out for you. ;)