Monday, May 17, 2010

backtrack... to the EAGLES

growing up, i can never recall a moment when there was no music playing in our house. if the stereo was not turned on, it was my dad playing his guitar or my aunt singing some favourite song.

i grew up with music and learned to appreciate not only what is new, what is old, but also, what is older (yes, you can take me to as far as billy holiday or ella fitzgerald and i will happily burst into songs).

last monday, i was fortunate enough to snag two tickets to the Eagles concert that was held in Vancouver. who else can i take with me but my dad? we had an AWESOME time at the concert. HIS LOVE for music is what brought on MY LOVE for music --- and i am so very lucky to grow up listening to the music of his generation.

box suite tickets
here's my dad being a very typical asian with the eagles stage set-up as the backdrop.

the Eagles in concert!

we truly had a blast!!!


Micaela said...


your family is sooo cute!
and what a classic concert!

ps. I GOT YOUR LETTER TODAY! :) so nice to catch up the lovely old fashioned way. I'm behind on life as well, so i will get to you as soon as i can E!

miss you xo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Eagles!!! I always tell people that if Don Henley was 27, I would totally marry him. I am sure you had alot of fun.
I enjoyed reading your blog so much!! I am looking forward to continuing to follow it.

aprilk-swap-bot (Blog Me, Baby)