Monday, January 14, 2008

so i say this

a beautiful and smart friend once said to me that to be strong does not necessarily mean that you have to stand on your own and hold your ground, but to be strong also means that you hold onto your beliefs and stay where you are and let life throw it's worse at you.

i believe her. because no matter what she thinks of herself, she IS strong. and whatever insecurities she has, i will be there to tell her otherwise.

so i say this now to her: you are beautiful, smart, wonderful and though you think you are not physically perfect, it is in those imperfections that we find the YOU who is standing in front of us, a loyal friend, a lending ear, and shoulder to cry on. and though you think less of yourself, i personally think the world of you, because it is in your vulnerability that i find your strength emerging, a quiet confidence that though you may not notice, we see based on your decisions and actions.

so walk with pride and with your chin up. no one will ever be able to hurt you with their words anymore. especially if you believe in yourself.

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