Wednesday, October 15, 2008


it was quite the thanksgiving when the hubby finally felt baby shrimp's uber powerful kicks. we were lying in bed half asleep when i had him put his hand between my belly and the bed and there goes two kicks that had him yelping and opening his eyes in shock.

and when i say kick, i mean REALLY KICK. shrimp's been active since last saturday and it felt like he hasn't stopped since. but don't worry. i'm not complaining.

on the bright side, i was at the doctor's yesterday when she hooked me up on her ultrasound machine and there was shrimp opening and closing his mouth. what a sight to behold. i was so in awe of seeing him move his mouth... and to think he's only 24 weeks old!!! i really can't wait until he is out!

here's the pics from the doc yesterday... sorry it's not too bright but it's the only thing i have.

24 weeks old
october 14, 2008

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