Monday, April 11, 2011

monday's favourite things

+ falling asleep beside my little boy +
+ baby kicks... i will miss being pregnant +
+ the smell of fresh laundry +
+ pitter-patter of rain on the windowsill +
+ driving with the windows down on a cool, crisp day +

what are a few of your favourite things?


Claudia said...

Aww...I loved being pregnant too!

some of my favorites things...
* the smell of rain and wet dirt
* Saturday nights at home
* Friday nights at my mom's house
* sunflower seeds!
* my kids playing with their bikes

Much love my Dear!

Karina said...

I love your favorite things :)

After Miguelito was born I felt empty and like something was missing so I really understand missing being pregnant.

I love falling asleep with Miguelito and when he will look to cuddle up with me, our baby's grow up way to fast.

I love walking outside and feeling the cold wind on my cheeks it makes me feel alive, and I also love the smell of fresh laundry :)

Take care love, I am so excited and can not wait to see pictures of your new baby boy :)

Love you lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you and Dylan :)


P.S. Thank you so much for your very sweet comment, I am so grateful to have my pappa ok and here with us. I will smile because I am SO happy!!
Love you xoxo