Friday, November 11, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

if there is any holiday that i love above all else
Christmas is at the very top of my list.
nothing beats the feeling once December rolls in.

in my case, December is coming faster than any other ordinary month.
you see, before even halloween came along
our tree was up and ready
just waiting for it's final touches.

and today, i finally got the rest of our ornaments in.
and my hubby proudly tells me that our tree
looks good enough to be a mall display.

back in manila, when i was growing up
as of september 1st, the malls would have all their christmas gears out
and christmas music would be playing all over.
we called it the "ber" months (september, october, etc...)
and the spirit of christmas is felt early on.

  i am glad that the hubby, like me
feels that we should start the festivities a tad early.
our boys enjoy the beautiful christmas lights.
and get excited at the talk of santa coming by.

our family is surely getting ready for this holiday season.

are you as excited as i am?

1 comment:

Claudia said...

Your tree is beautifully decked out! I donated all of my old ornaments last year so I gotta starch from scratch this year :/