Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I came home today to a wonderful surprise in my mailbox... it was a package from Crissy from the mail scrambler hosted by Caroline. I was hoping this package wasn't lost in the mail and it made me super happy to receive such wonderful presents!

The bookmarks which she made herself goes PERFECT with my new Twilight set. Yes --- after all this time of loving Twilight, the hubby finally bought the boxed set for me for Easter (I've been reading and re-reading my brother's collection of books this whole time).

And along with the package she sent was a perfectly cute knitted bracelet she made herself! I absolutely adored it!

On a side note, I have been very busy this evening writing postcards and notes to send to a few people... I have been neglecting my writings these past weeks but so much has been happening on this end and finally, things have settled down a bit that I am able to catch up.

Most of you lovies will be receiving some snail mail from me soon!!!


Megan said...

Those bookmarks are so lovely, you can never have too many bookmarks!
I also love the knitted bracelet, i really want to learn to knit.

Gracie said...

Beautiful package! I simply adore sending out letters and packages. I may have to get your mailing address :)

The bookmarks are great and the knitted bracelet is so sweet. Like Megan I really want to learn to knit.

Back to writing letters. xx

kittycat said...

aw yay i cannot wait! and i still need to read twilight! also - looove the bookmarks!

xo, tiffany

crissy said...

I'm glad you liked your package! And I'm glad it finally got to you. I've been wondering when it would arrive. ;)

Micaela said...

wasn't it such a fun mail scramble? and adore that you got Crissy! she's so lovely :)

j'adore you got hand made GOODNESS! that bracelet and these bookmarks- swoon!

Your husband did good with the Twilight boxed set! :) i got my twinkie that for Christmas and she sent along Eclipse and Breaking Dawn with me when i moved so i could escape to the world of vampires and werewolves when i got homesick... it totally worked! so now like a "bet friends" necklace, we just have each part of the saga :) lol

LOVELY pressies for a lovely girl from a lovely girl xoxo

Simply Me said...

There's nothing like getting mail with a personal touch and thats what makes these bookmarks and the bracelet so special ..what a lovely package from Crissy
and if you're interested in mail scramble , am hosting a magnet swap ..do drop in and check it out ..would love for you to participate :)

Gracie said...

Just another comment to say that I have something for you on my blog! x

crissy said...

Hey, I got your post card today! ;) Your handwriting is beautiful! Thanks for the note :)