Friday, April 2, 2010

September 10, 2005
our wedding rings

When the hubby and I first chose our wedding rings, we could not agree upon a design that both of us liked. It was a difficult process and we were verging on the point of picking out two separate styles (a plain one for him and a much more detailed one for me).

Luckily, on a rainy day in September 2004, we just happen to peek in a jewelry store and our eyes fell on this certain band that we both fell in love with.... years later, it's still the ones we wear on third finger in our left hand, lovingly engraved with the date we were married and his name on mine and my name on his.

The hubby and I have been discussing picking out new bands for our 5th anniversary but we have come to a conclusion that our rings has been with us from day 1 of our marriage, through our happy times and sad times, that it deserved more than just to be replaced. It symbolizes too much of us now to ever be let go of or replaced. It means too much now to be removed and just put aside in a pretty little box. Our rings, complete with it's scratches and little dent marks, has survived being thrown out the window, falling into a pipe and has been lost by me numerous times. If our rings are able to weather all those things, I think it deserves a chance to stay.

Though newer, more beautiful rings are out in the market and I get tempted to purchase a new one, I know that mine means so much more than the pretty little sparkly ones I see in the stores. The ring I wear symbolizes a promise I made to the boy I married, that I will love him, cherish him through the good times and the bad... and to the man who is now my hubby and the father of my most precious little boy.


Micaela said...

beautiful!!! and i love the stories behind it and that love... marriage and bliss lasts long after the dents or losing a ring ;)

i say this because i'm always nervous when i hit my ring against a door etc ;)

I LOVE that your rings are personalized Elaine. Love.

Megan said...

I think your right no amount of sparkle can take away from what those original rings mean to you!
You have made me excited for the day when I get to pick out rings.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog it truely made my day.

Gracie said...

I think wedding rings are so symbolic. I think it's really lovely that you have embraced all the dents and scratches. If you wanted another ring you could always have one to complement your wedding ring. x

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful as they are!

Simply Me said...

I absolutely ..the rings are more than just ring ..they are a promise you made to each other , they symbolize love and togetherness and nothing can replace that !!