Tuesday, July 27, 2010

those were the days

this upcoming 30th, my little man is turning a year and a half old.


i am surprised at how fast time seems to be going. i only wish that it could slow down a tiny little bit so that i can enjoy more of his childhood --- remember each of his every expressions, engrave how tiny his hands and feet are in my mind and cherish all those firsts in his life... from smiles to babbles, grins and crocodile tears, his first crawl, first tooth, first owie, first step... every precious little moment that seems to be just slipping right through my fingers.

though i love him so much more now as a toddler, i do miss those days when he was a tiny little helpless baby. when all he wanted to do was cuddle and be held, rocked and sang to. i used to spend endless hours at night unable to sleep just looking at his face and thinking... "he's gorgeous and he is absolutely mine!" ... now i spend countless hours in the day missing him madly and looking forward to my evenings and weekends when i get to spend all my hours with him.... selfishly trying to keep him awake at most times to be able to do as much in so little time.

though he will forever be labelled a "baby" in my eyes, i still can't believe i now have a toddler in my arms.

The day after he was born

Our first Family shots taken on Valentine's Day --- he was 2 weeks old

Dylan and Daddy on the little man's Dedication

Celebrating his very 1st birthday

My little man now!

father time, could you please just slow down a little for us?


Jessica said...

I love being a mom, I can see you do too. Your little guy looks so happy.

Unique Eutopia on swapbot

Jessica said...

Your son is adorable! I can't wait until I have kids of my own.

JessterRoux @ Swap-Bot, Blog Me Baby swap

ANKH said...

Your son is so cute!

Time sure does wiz by, doesn't it?!

It seems like everyone's 30th is right on top of each other! LOL

~ANKH (pumpkinniki on SB)

rumblegirl said...

Awww, your son is such a cutie :)

(rumblegirl from SB)

the happy honeybee said...

What a beautiful birthday photo--and beautiful expressions on your faces! Definitely one to show him (and his wife) when he's grown.

(thehappyhoneybee on SB)