Monday, August 2, 2010

something borrowed: CAKES

in early celebration of my upcoming 27th birthday (on Wednesday!), it seemed only appropriate that my "something borrowed" feature one of my top favourite things.

here's a few Cakes i just happen to heart quite a bit.

Pink Cake Box Cake
born in the year of the pig --- this just happens to be on top of my list!

Pink Cake Box Cake
the next time i get pregnant and have a baby shower, hopefully this is my cake!

Pink Cake Box Cake
my son loves trains --- i'm hoping to get something close to this done for his 2nd birthday!

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake
photos from pink cake box


Anonymous said...

Those cakes are so creative. For my wedding I think I would like a tower of cupcakes.

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Kyko♥B¡rd^v^ said...

Oh my! Theses cakes are all so amazing! I love the last one! It is really pretty! (:

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RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Wow! I'd have a hard time cutting into some of those gorgeous cakes!

RJcanuck @ SB, via the Blog Me, Baby swap

ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

OMG those cakes are spectacular.




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Luvystacy said...

Omg, lovely cakes pictures...all so pretty I don't even want to eat it...I especially love the baby shower super duper cute...TFS! :D

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steph said...


i gotta agree with all the other comments on how pretty and unique some of the cakes are! So far, my birthday cakes have always been the usual chocolate/fruits-mix type of cakes.. nothing too fancy.

My fav of the list is "PIG" cake as well as it looks utterly adorable!

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Zilliah said...

WOW those cakes are amazing!! I LOVE the one that looks like a dress form (I'd wear that dress!) and the blue one with the flowers :D

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Janice T. said...

I would have trouble eating such beautiful cakes. I wouldn't want to cut a piece!

-MsRigby (via SB for Blog Me, Baby)