Thursday, November 25, 2010

dancing king

two weekends ago, we attended a wedding reception
and decided to take our little man with us.
we usually would never take a toddler to events such as these
as we all know how much ruckus they cause
but for this certain event we were lucky that the bride and groom
have opened their beautiful celebration to the little tykes.

so off we went dress up my little man in his H&M get-up.
yes, that`s from head to toe.

the best part of the evening of course was that my little dude was a behaved little boy!
this is never really the case with him.
he is usually a bundle of energy... always on the go.
but for once, he sat to eat dinner and listened to speeches.

but when the music got going,
he jumped out of his seat and started dancing to the beat!

and when the people started milling around the dance floor
well.... this is what happens....

i am so thankful that at least this little man of mine did not get my two left feet!

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