Saturday, December 4, 2010

please let me...

sometimes, i feel a pang of sadness that i do not have more close friends who are mommies.  don't get me wrong, i love the support of my friends now but there is something about telling a story to someone or replaying an event that happened with your child to another person who has been there and done that and who will fully understand what you are talking about.

i'd like to be able to ask questions and compare notes.  see what i am doing wrong or right and check if there's something i could've done better.  i'd like to get suggestions --- because currently, everything i do with my son is based on my concept of right.  

even when it comes to shopping, there is only so much research you can do on the internet about products for kids --- it's different when you're able to talk it through with someone who has had experience on certain baby products.  which formula to use?  when to potty train?  how to feed a picky eater? how to wean off the bottle and pacifier?

and with another baby on the way --- how do you sleep train both kids to be on the same schedule?  how do you not exhaust yourself?  how do you handle TWO under the age of three!

i need other mom friends who understands baby-proofing and will laugh and empathize when i tell a story about how my son threw a tantrum fit at the mall worthy of an oscar.  i need mom friends who understand why i'm always late when it comes to meeting up, bring a massive bag when going out and why sweat pants and a sweat shirt is my best friend when we're out and about at the mall trying to shop.  i need mom friends who will not resent my backing-out last minute on plans made, realize that i can no longer go on certain trips even if it means the whole group is going and whom i do not have to make excuses to.  "I'm just tired and drained by taking care of a toddler full time so no, I don't feel like going to your place tonight, Thanks."

i think i need a mom support group.  i need the input and friendship of other mommies who can understand me when i say "i'm sooooo exhausted" and "i can't do this anymore!".  i need their support and their understanding without judgement as they know EXACTLY what i am going through when i feel like tearing my hair out and screaming at the top of my lungs or crying just because my hormones are on overdrive.  i need mom friends who can empathize with me, not be so shocked that my sex life is currently down the drain, know why i'm at bed by 8pm and that my extra 10 (ok, 15 lbs it is) is just not going away.

i wonder how other moms feel when it comes to this situation?  i think i need to find me some sort of mommy support group.



ariella papa said...

Hi there,
It is difficult to find mom friends, but you are not alone. Some times the moms we see who we think have it all together or are perfect are in the same boat. They would probably like some mom friends too. Introduce yourself at the local playground or grocery store or try to start something in your town where women make meals for moms with newborns. You will probably be able to help them too. Motherhood is wonderful, but can be isolating. Having other moms to lean on is important and fun.
Good luck making mom friends.
All the best.
Ariella Papa

A. said...

sorry i can't be of more help when it comes to that.

Micaela said...

I MISS YOU!!! :(

so much to catch up on but know that i've thought about you so much!