Sunday, December 12, 2010

my christmas list

a few years back at this time of year, my "must have's" for the season is set with a copy in the hubby's (then bf) email and phone.  my list composed of the usual things a girl could want --- a new camera, an ipod mini, a guess bag, a new winter coat, a leather jacket, nine west and puma shoes, a pair of new earrings, a tiffany bracelet... seriously, this list can get long and irritating.

fast forward to today ---

we have been doing our christmas shopping the whole of this week and the hubby has been asking what i want for christmas.  he'll point to certain things --- the ring i want with the little man's birthstone... a new charm for my pandora or tiffany... a new purse perhaps?  or how about the plain wedding band i have been looking at to match my current one?  an ipad... shoes... clothes... a tiffany necklace perhaps so that i can switch up the only necklace i wear on a daily basis?  or how about the selphy printer i have been coveting for over a year now?  or better yet... the cricut expressions that i have been drooling over?!?

i have looked at each and everyone of these items ranging from the cute and cheap to the most outrageous and expensive.  i have weighed my options at getting one or two items --- possibly even three!  but at the end of each shopping trip, i come out empty handed for myself but with more goodies for my little man.

my mom told me that when she used to go out shopping for herself, that she will come home with nothing but delightful clothes and toys for me and my brother.  i now know where she is coming from.

you see, THERE IS NOTHING THAT I WANT MORE FOR MYSELF.  i would rather spend all the money i had for things that will make my little boy happy and excited... there is really nothing that compares to a child's expression when they receive something they truly want.  also, call it cheesy and cliche but i have a wonderful husband who will give me the entire universe if he could and i have a beautiful little boy who is my greatest joy on this earth.  i may not have the house, the nice car or even my dream job but i have the most important things in my life --- THE FAMILY THAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED AND PRAYED FOR.

so for this upcoming christmas, though i do not open any prettily wrapped gifts, i hold the greatest treasures that God has ever blessed me with.  these treasures of mine is enough to last me for my lifetime and beyond.  

and next may... we open up another chapter of our lives... the one where God is giving me my late Christmas present.

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Megan said...

This is so unbelievably true. My mum would always spoil my sister and me and go without on alot of occassions, this chrissie were trying to spoil her to show how much we appreciated it.