Tuesday, December 21, 2010

kisses are for keeps

when it comes to having a child, kisses are on top of my favourite things.
i give  my little man a million and more kisses a day.
if i'm lucky, he'll sit with me for a few minutes while i pamper him with kisses.
but most of the time, he'll squirm out annoyed at me for stopping him from his play.

which brings me to the other night.
after his milk and a goodnight prayer the little man gave me a kiss.
and another... and another... and he would say "wubyou mommy".
then a kiss, another kiss and another "wubyou"
and this proceeds for the next five minutes alternating kisses and words.

it is heaven i say.
to get his undivided attention.
to get tons of kisses from him.
to hear that he loves me.

we must be doing something right.

Dylan at 2 weeks old and 5 months old


Karina said...

Awwww.....These pictures are so precious!!1 I miss my munchkin being that little ;) Can't wait until we have our other children ;)

Simply Me said...

Totally agree with Kary ..these pics are precious ..have missed reading your blog and looking at these precious pics :)