Friday, August 5, 2011

27 is over...

i just turned 28.

because the hubby had to work on my actual birthday
and i have been badly wanting to take the kids to the beach
we decided to hit Barnet Park last monday to do a quiet celebration
with my boys, my bestest girlfriend, her hubby and her baby bump.

after weeks of dreary vancouver weather
(and if you know me, i am quite happy with that!)
it was actually quite nice to see the sun peek out on monday
and we were able to thoroughly enjoy the time spent at the park.

how about i let the photos do some talking here?

after a solid 8 hours spent by the beach
numerous sunblock applications
forgetting the grill of the bbq (thank goodness we had aluminum foil!)
breaking the handles of our picnic bag
my bff having to buy a cooler on her way
and also the very preggers bff having to taking a dive in the cold water
to catch the little man who lost his footing (thank you for this!)
building sandcastles
digging in the sand
feasting on some yummy bbq
and hours upon hours of just plain quality time
i can say that in just one day, we are able to fully get our summer on.

we had a fantabulous time!
and i have to say, it was a nice way to end year 27
and begin year 28.


Claudia said...

Well Happy Birthday to you my dear, God bless your little family and grant you many more years to come and enjoy them with your family!

*we just spent a couple of days at the beach also!

Rachel said...

Your kids are sooo cute! Hope you had a great birthday!!

Anonymous said...
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Simply Me said...

Happy happy belated birthday Elaine ..wishing you lots of love and happiness and chuckles all year through !