Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20SB Blog Swap #9: i heart summer. and roadtrips!

hey y'all!!


i'm kiranda {pronounced ker-AND-uh}. i blog over at mommyhood.  i still consider myself somewhat of a mommy-newbie even though i've had two kids in just under two years. crazy, right? i'm a vocalist and have a bachelors degree in vocal jazz performance. i'm also a wicked awesome barista at an award-winning coffee shop in downtown seattle. and more recently, i'm starting my photography business- Captured By K. Photography. i love Jesus, 90-calorie fiber one bars {the chocolate ones}, pedicures, clean houses, the smell of fresh rain, and good food. oh. and i loooooove summer. 

ever since i was a little, my absolute favorite time of year is the summer. it just doesn't get any better. i thrive in the summer. it's like the rest of the year i'm merely existing, but in the summertime i come alive, friends. for anyone who lives in the PNW {pacific northwest}, you're aware of how our summers can be. washington is a pretty awesome state and most of the year it's pretty crummy here on the westside. but man oh man, washington sure does come alive when it wants to. summers here are absolutely beautiful. and this year, while everyone else was dying in triple digit heat, we've had a nice string of perfect summer weather days.

this summer, i spent quite a few days in the hospital with my bellz while she had surgery on her liver. she's fine now, but i tell ya- sitting in a hospital while the sun shines outside and your little is in the about torture! and while we were in the hospital, austin {my other little} went over to the eastern side of the state to soak up the sun with my mom and the rest of my family. when we finally left the hospital, bella and i decided to go on a roadtrip. since dad was away for training, why not?!

so we packed our bags and made the trek over to spokane. it was the weekend of my grandmother's 75th birthday and she had no idea we were coming. needless to say she was pretty excited to see us.

see! isn't washington amazing?

bellalina and i trekked 300 miles and spent a wondrous week with my family. 
honestly, it was the best vacation i took this summer.

b and my aunt.

w/ yoli {my mom}

w/ uncle winto.

ahh! i hate that this one didn't come out the way i wanted it to. :(

yoli, b, aunt schel, nina {godmother}, cousin clifton, uncle leslie

walking on the dangerous bridge with grandpa

acting craaazy.

it was one of the best weeks I had this summer.

thanks for reading! 
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Liz Taylor Training said...

The pictures are so cute.

I love the one of him feeding him the ice-cream!!!