Wednesday, September 10, 2008

on our 3 year anniversary

of all places to celebrate a milestone in our marriage, we spent it in a hospital room today seeing the progress that baby shrimp has been making in all these months i've had him or her slowly growing in me. it was quite a bonding experience for kady and i as well as a real eye opener to see that the little one has grown from this tiny little shrimp we saw at 10 weeks to a fully-formed baby... complete with a beautifully shaped head, two hands and two feet where we can see indents of it's actual fingers and toes, a cute little tummy and a little stub of a nose.

no gift can ever compare to this little one growing in me.

baby shrimp at 19 weeks and 1 day

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G said...

congrats on your 3 year anniversary and on your bundle of joy. =)

did you find out the sex yet?
either way, s/he is going to be a beautiful baby. :)