Friday, September 5, 2008

thoughts running through me

it felt like yesterday when my head was counfounded with thoughts of you. i was engulfed in this need to feel what it is like to bear a baby and to later bask in the wonders of motherhood. it was only yesterday when i thought the pain would crush me at the thought of never having the chance of having you... knowing you... loving you.
and yet, here i am today, along with an achy back and sore feet that i am experiencing the most profound of emotions.

not only am i a wife to my best friend.
but i am to be a mother to one who will love me unconditionally.

i know i will make mistakes. i know i will not be perfect. i know that i will constantly stumble and fall in this journey but somehow, i also know that the love i feel for you now will keep us afloat.

this is it. it's finally fully sinking in.


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