Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mail Scrambler (by Cour de La)

A week or so back, I've decided to join my first ever swap via Caroline at Cour de La. I thought it was going to be easy, after all, Caroline only had one specific request in mind... "something simple".

So I racked my brains for "something simple".

And thought.

And slept on it.

And I panicked at times thinking I'll never be able to send anything on time!

And it took me FOREVER to finally come up with SOMETHING that was ME but also, something that I think my swap partner would enjoy.

I've finally dropped it off today at the post office and it should take a week to get into someone's mailbox.

And as a sneak peak (I'm not giving away what's inside in case my swap partner sees this little corner ahead of time), here's the envelope I made just for the special little item(s) that went in... I know, I'm not artsy-craftsy but I'm darned proud of this pretty little thing. I truly hope my swap partner enjoys it!


Gracie said...

Haha simple can be harder. Isn't sending mail really fun?! And receiving of course. And that is a cute little package. :)

jozen said...

good job!! swapping is addiciting, so i'm sure it won't be your first one!

Micaela said...

such beautiful packaging!!! your swap partner will be soo lucky and love it i'm sure! :) can't wait to see what's inside. You're so thoughtful. xo